Loosies Review: Same Story, Different Day But Wait, There’s More… A Great Artist!

The good thing about romantic comedies produced nowadays is that filmmakers always find creative ways in tweaking the same old story of the typical criminal chased by cops, criminal falls in love with a civilian and they live happily ever after. This is the case with director Michael Corrente’s new film “Loosies” that takes on a story of a young pickpocket who one day gets confronted by a girl she met three months ago on a one night stand…guess what? she’s pregnant.

One of the most interesting aspects of the film is that the actor (Peter Fanicelli of Twilight) who plays Bobby is also the one who wrote the screenplay making his lines perfectly meshed with his charming personality. While I personally agree with the 5.4 score given by IMDB to the film (as of Feb. 11, 2011), I think Fanicelli deserves praise for his wonderful acting together with Jamie Alexander who plays as the girl she apparently impregnated and Michael Madsen, the crazy cop that is obsessed with catching Fanicelli.

The storyline is also quite interesting once you get to know it – the reason Bobby ended up with such a criminal profession is because his father apparently left him half a million dollars worth of debt. Basically, he had no choice but to resort to pickpocketing and picking up girls he sees along the way, including Lucy.¬†As Lt. Sully (Madsen) manages to corner Bobby, Lucy comes into the scene and tells him the “big” news (bad timing, tough luck). The road to freedom narrows down as Jamie tags along with her pregnancy symptoms (vomit, dizziness, etc.) and Bobby at the brink of spending time in prison.

A story of tough luck, mistakes and mishaps, Loosies will definitely remind you of Ocean’s gang but with a less extravagant cast this time around. While the story is no doubt mediocre, I’d still recommend this film for you guys who want to see real talent shine even amongst the most cliche of storylines. Watch out as it hits the bigscreen today February 11, 2012. Find out more about upcoming movies only here on the site where we deliver the freshest perspectives and the juiciest commentaries – Nerdles!

Photo and Trailer courtesy of Loosies Official Site.