New Girl 2/14/12 Recap Live: Desperation, Hookups and Disruptions

Everybody struggles to get a valentine’s date on tonight’s episode of New Girl. Jess convinces Schimdt to set her up with her first valentine date ever and Jess gets a box of condoms just to be ready for the night (a box of condoms? is she gonna have sex with a hundred guys? haha!). Watch out for more scenes in the latest episode of New Girl only here on Nerdles!

Meanwhile back at the house, Jess and Schmidt fights over Jess’s one night stand. Schmidtty argues that the guy she’s with doesn’t even have a car and so does she. Jess fights back saying they’ll rent a cab and asks Schmidt to leave them alone. Nick gets a date with Julie but unfortunately, Nick spends more time with Julies assistant Cliff than with Julie herself. Nick confesses to Cliff about her frustrations on love and law both as a hopeless romantic and a law dropout.

Cece comes over and further ruins Jess’s date. Schimdt enters the scene yet again worsening the already ruined scene. To make things worse, Cece gets into a catfight with some blondie over Kyle for the night. Fortunately, Jess is resourceful and tricks Kyle and Cece out of the house leaving her with her date. Winston is the lucky guy tonight as he spends some time with three girls (talk about a man’s man, right?). Finally, Jess breaks out with her date after another series of disruptions. Nick and Julie also find some time alone for their long awaited valentine action (oops! censored material).

On the other hand, Winston breaks a girl’s heart after not even remembering having a date with her last valentine. Also, after Jess’s unfortunate date, she sneaks up on Schmidt with her box of condoms. Unfortunately, she gets busted by Nick before she even knocks on Schmidt’s door squandering the box of condoms to the floor out of surprise. After the desperation, failed hookups and the series of disruptions, Jess calls Cece to tell her about the incident with Schmidt. Little did she know that she was over the phone with a girl (Cece) who was with Schmidt that very moment Jess tried to knock on Schmidt’s door. Woah. Just, Woah. Watch out for more intense episodes of New Girl only here on Nerdles!