American Idol 2/15/12 Live Blog: More Drama, More Tension, Less Talent?

Not everyone will survive tonight’s group performance in Hollywood…and we mean that, LITERALLY. After an excruciating time last week, idol hopefuls cram their rehearsals today without even getting any sleep. More hopefuls will fall over the stage and only a few will rise up again and continue the run to be the next American Idol. More news and updates on the latest episode of American Idol only here on Nerdles!

A shaky start for our idols today, the Bettys get trimmed off with only Jennifer and Lauren getting into the cut. Groove Sauce sets the bar for the entire competition with every member passing the ‘ultimate idol litmus test.’ Briel, Shannon, Amber and Joshua of the group 679 were able to get in but Kyle (a.k.a. the weakest voice) won’t be able to continue. More trouble arises as Jackie falls dizzy to the floor leaving her group – the Makeyoubelievers – as a quartet with only one passing through our idol judges.

Meanwhile, the verbal amnesia continues to plague idol even in this season as more contestants forget the lyrics of their songs. Idols nonetheless continue singing and become creative as they replace lyrics with slurs of oooohs and aaaaahs and yeaaaaahs. haha, how resourceful!

Another group loses a member minutes before their performance РArea 451  nevertheless continues to perform with a complete slate. However, at the middle of their performance, a member suddenly stops singing and falls unconscious to the stage (woooh. this is just intense)  Рthree out of four members got cut with Johnny staying strong and still into the running for the next American Idol (wait, why am I sounding more like Tyra Banks?). Hollywood 5 comes in next with David, Gaby, Evan, Cherry and Jeremy giving off the best they could which was more than enough to keep them in the running for the next American Idol.

The group MIT (Most International Team) performs next while one member goes MIA (Missing In Action) to confess about his own opinion on the team. Hijun, Jairon, Richie and Philip barely manages to complete the performance but amazingly, the judges let them through with other contestants such as Haly Halliday and Erika Van Pelt among others. Watch out for the hottest news on the next episode of America’s Next Top Model..oops, wrong show. I mean, American Idol only here on Nerdles! (where we bring you resourceful lines when forgetting what we should be saying. haha. how I hate this verbal amnesia!)

Photo courtesy of American Idol.


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    Ridiculous – the sickly, lash-fluttering singer toughs it out and gets the vapors after she’s belted out a few bars. Out of there! Come back when and if you can be a professional, which means making decisions based on your dream of being a professional. Anemia? Heart problems? You still need to function if you want to be in the performing arts. Good grief! A standing ovation? For what? Best performance by a singer wannabe?