American Idol 2/15/12 Live Blog: The Idol Litmus Test

Okay, we’re back on the final day of Hollywood. Solo auditions with instruments heat up the competition even more making tonight’s episode the the ultimate ‘Idol Litmus Test.’ Stay tuned in for more news on the cream of the crop belting their way in for the top 24 only here on Nerdles!

The solo auditions start with a bang as Joshua wows everyone with his vocals and Colton with his instrumental rendition. Philip Philips comes next with a guitar and his raspy voice. Jen Hirsh stuns us with her dreamy but daring solo performance. I wish I could tell you who got in and who got cut but that’s reserved after the break so stay tuned in!

The rain pours in outside of Hollywood with strums of thunder right on cue. The ominous weather spreads an omen for some of our contestants as the next performances were not that good. The 16-year old Shannon on the other hand rises up to the occasion and shines once again on stage with “What a wonderful world” (you’ve gotta love her performance tonight). Reed Grimm experiences the jitters 15 minutes before his very moment on stage. After some coaching and a call with his mother, Reed comes to the stage playing with the drums as his instrument and surprisingly delivers a breezy rendition of “Georgia” wowing the judges in the process and even making them think if it’s another Casey once again they’re listening to.

Skylar, after some time in the hospital to re-hydrate comes back to the stage with a classic country performance. Rachelle Lamb gives another country performance but does it wrong the first time as she lost cue of the intro. Adam Brock, Idol’s “White Chocolate” sings perfectly ending the solo day with the ‘magic note’ which I think (even if I don’t really know) will be more than enough to make him stay in the competition. Idols become nervous as they wait for the judgment of the ultimate “Idol Litmus Test.”

As the judges finalize their decision, contestants are drawn to a twist – idols will be split to four rooms with only a few rooms surviving the most brutal cut this season. Judges visit room one and announce their decision…drum roll….THEY MADE IT! with the most notable contestants Lauren, Adam and Joshua. Next up is room two and guess what? they made it, too together with Reed, Shannon, Philip, Skylar and Jessica in the cut. Room three sadly didn’t make it with Rochelle Lamb and the NBA cheerdancer Britney. Room four stumbles in anticipation as they are told that they are….IN! with Hijun, Andie and Britney Kellog! WHEW. Now, that was super intense. Idol comes to Las Vegas next week with even more drama (how can it get any worse?). Well, stay tuned in to find out how only here on the site that gives you the freshest news to your heart’s content – Nerdles!

Photo courtesy of American Idol.