Titanic 3D: After-Valentines Release of New Movie Poster to Make You Fall in Love (Again)

If you thought the lovey-dovey vibes of Valentines Day were over, think again. Titanic is back, and this time, it’s bigger and better in 3D. The official poster for James Cameron’s latest 3D flick broke out during Valentines Day, and we hear some screens have been showing some special releases for this ultimate Hollywood romantic movie.

Just some Nerdy facts and figures about Titanic:
1. It is the second-highest grossing movie of all time.
2. It is only 1 of three films ever to have received 11 Academy Awards.
3. It is THE movie that made Leonardo DiCaprio and Kate Winslet Leonardo DiCaprio and Kate Winslet.

In case some of us have forgotten what Titanic is all about since it’s been quite a while since it was first released, here’s a quick summary of the film: Leonardo DiCaprio as Jack, and Kate Winslet as Rose, are young lovers from different classes of society on board the Titanic. But love knows no bounds as these two fall madly and passionately in love with each other as they creep and hide in and about the ship. Their love is short-lived, however, when the unsinkable Titanic is cut by an iceberg and sinks, ending their relationship when Jack gives up his life to save Rose.

Though we thought the first iteration of this film was pretty good, we’re expecting to be wowed by it’s more immersive 3D cinematography. With Cameron behind the camera, this may be the most realistic portrayal of the Titanic’s sinking. We’ll be getting our very own sneak peek at this movie soon (real soon), so be sure to bookmark Nerdles for our review.

Movie poster and trailer courtesy of Titanic