American Idol 2/16/12 Live Blog: What Happens In Vegas Stays In Vegas

Tonight’s show starts with Heejun’s documentary saying how he can’t believe to be on his way to Las Vegas with other idol hopefuls (was he dreaming or not?). 70 hopefuls remain in the competition as of yesterday all of which are on their way to Vegas to sing music of the 50’s and 60’s. Watch this retro episode as idol’s voice coaches, especially the “vocal coach from hell”, tighten the belt on contestants. It’s another level of group performances, it’s another notch higher in the competitions – find out more as we deliver the freshest updates on tonight’s episode of American Idol.

Colton, Cari, Skylar and Chase perform first and despite the problems Skylar endured on harmony during practice, the group managed to nail the entire song without recognizable flaws. Unfortunately, it’s the end of the line for Cari as her three groupmates continue their respective idol journeys. The next group which includes besties David, Gaby, Jeremy, and Ariel gets through the next round. Angie, Adam, Erika and Shelby gives off a fun performance. The decision was tense as Randy leaves out Angie to be judged last and thankfully…she also gets through like her three teammates.

Schyler, Brielle, and Molly modernize a classic look from the ’60s but only Schyler and Brielle makes it. Awww..I fancied Molly. How sad. Anyway, more contestants meet the end of their idol journey as the episode continues. Reed Grimm’s group together with Eben, Elise and Haley are met with a standing ovation from the judges and of course, a pass for the next round. An interesting couple comes in next – Richie (I am particularly irritated with his attitude) and Jermaine (one of the lowest voices idol has ever heard) despite problems with harmony, manage to deliver a heartbreaking performance. Halie, Baylie and Chelsea also stood out with their performance meaning they stay in the competition as well..but for how long? Find out the twist at the end of the show when AI comes back after the break.

Speaking of twists, Deandre, Jessica and Candice puts an overhead twist in their classic song…but did the judges like it? Yes they did, and they pass for the next round. However, the judges summon the contestants for the day and reveal the twist for tonight’s episode – they are definitely not safe. The contestants who won the first day’s competition will be compared with the next day’s performers meaning if another group outperforms their number, they fall off the quota ending their idol journey altogether.

Next up is a quartet of Elvis impersonations – Clayton, Scott, Adam and Curtis – who performs a flashy Elvis song complete with the most familiar of choreographs. Scott, Clayton and Adam make it to the cut leaving “Elvis Curtis” on his way home. Elvis continues to live through more groups including Joshua and Shannon both of which survive the grilling.

Meanwhile, a group rehearses in the pool. Yes, you read that right – they rehearse in the relaxing Aria pool without feeling any pressure at all. Another group on the other hand gets all the pressure as they face the “vocal coach from hell” getting grilled even before they face idol judges (wooh. what a bummer). Also, Jessica P., Britnee and Courtney dances to the beat with their flashy, sparkling pink dresses which unfortunately didn’t impress the judges. Consequently, only Britnee and Courtney made it to the next round so Jessica P. would have to go home and continue taking care of her boyfriend. Awww. That’s just sad.

Lauren Gray with her teammates Wendy and Mathenee face the greatest challenge ever as they are coached by idol’s “vocal coach from hell.” Did their hardwork pay off? well, it did…but only for Lauren and Wendy. The group of Heejun, Jairon, Phil and Neco also face Peggy, the fiendish vocal coach which they amazingly managed to impress (way to go Heejun and company!). But the more important question is…did they impress the judges? The four guys were asked to take a step forward waiting impatiently for their sentence…they made it! and Heejun falls to the stage crying out of happiness (The tension is Randy’s idea again). The group “Groovesauce” of last episode arrives at the idol stage completely revitalized and now lacking one member. Nonetheless, Nick, Jen, Aaron and Creighton all shine on stage thanks to Peisha McPhee’s (Katharine McPhee’s mother) voice coaching. Unfortunately, Groovesauce continues with another member out of the group – Nick. On the other hand, remaining contestants still face judgment as more cuts have to be made. Even the brightest stars will fall on the next episode of American Idol with live updates only here on the site that gives you the nerdiest news on movies, tv shows and of course, American Idol – Nerdles!

Photo courtesy of American Idol.