Fringe 2/17/12 Recap Live: Home Is Where Olivia Is

After that cliffhanger episode that shocked everyone (when Olivia suddenly kisses Peter as if she’s the Olivia from Peter’s timeline), Fringe returns with the latest episode “A Better Human Being” about a mental patient who also happens to be a suspect for a series of murder cases. Olivia later finds out that the suspect is connected with her past. Also, Olivia decides to get her head checked by Walter nervous of having¬†schizophrenia. Find out the latest updates on tonight’s episode of Fringe only here on Nerdles.

As the suspect’s genetic profile arrives at Walter’s Harvard laboratory, Walter immediately comes up with a theory – that the mental patient (Shaun) shares the same DNA with a supposed twin. Walter explains that rare cases allow identical twins to communicate non-verbally, in other words, telepathy. As a result, the suspect seems to experience schizophrenic episodes. But here’s the deal – according to medical records, Shaun was born an only child…so who is he communicating with exactly? How is it possible? Whose voices is he hearing in his head?

Olivia pays a visit to Shaun’s mother in the hopes of finding out how Shaun became what he is. As it turns out, Shaun was a test-tube baby whose DNA was essentially provided by a donor. The fringe division also discovers that the latest victim, a journalist, was writing a story on Shaun which may be one of the primary motive for the murder. Meanwhile, Astrid spends some time with the suspect at the mental institution soon finding out that while Shaun’s already under Walter’s detoxification program (to get rid of the medications injected to his bloodstream), he still hears many voices in his head. Astrid helps the investigation by writing down everything Shaun hears.

Back to Walter’s lab, Olivia and Peter gets a little too close but Peter manages to hold it out knowing she’s not the Olivia whom he loved (or is she?). Also, Walter arrives at a eureka – explaining the murderer to be communicating like bees do. To confirm this, Olivia and Peter visit Dr. Owen Frank who happens to have his own suspicions on the case. As it turns out, Dr. Frank (enstein) has been working on an experiment – to create a “better human being” in terms of possessing telepathy among other abilities. According to his theory, man has evolved away from their hardwired instincts and that the people who he himself created in this vision are protecting themselves from the public. This explains the series of murders whose victims are on their way to finding out about the existence of “better human beings.”

Back to Astrid and Shaun (who has been helping the Fringe division to find the group), Shaun interprets the voices he constantly hears in his head. Astrid asks where the voice is, but Shaun doesn’t know..all he does know is that the primary suspect is in pain. As Walter examines one of Olivia’s hair strands, he discovers something related to what Nina Sharp has been doing to Olivia for the longest time. Walter discovered traces of cortexofan in Olivia’s DNA which implies that she has been injected with the substance repetitively and recently (this explains why Olivia has been experiencing those weird migraine attacks in recent episodes).

While in the field, Olivia confronts Peter on how she seems to feel demanding Peter to treat her as if he knew her more than anyone else. Peter soon discovers that Walter’s previous theory on how he appears to be projecting memories to Olivia (explaining how Olivia thinks she is the Olivia from Peter’s timeline). A car soon attempt to ram Olivia dead but Peter manages to save her once again. Also, Dr. Frank gets killed by two of his own experimental children. Shaun finally gets cured of the voices in his head after Dr. Frank got killed. The killing stops but the “better human beings” continue with their hidden existence only to surface out when they are threatened once again. Olivia confesses once again her true feelings for Peter and they end the show with a kiss..awww.. I guess we’ll have to wait for more of that on Fringe’s next episode only here where we give you the latest news on your favorite TV shows – nerdles!


The show actually ended with Nina Sharp’s private stash of cortexofan gone and Olivia tied to some secluded area in front if Nina herself (who also happens to be tied down). Forgive me, I just wanted to play with the happily ever after theme. Haha!

Photo courtesy of Fringe.