Celebrity Apprentice 2/19/12 Live Blog: Sandwich Sale!

Celebrity apprentices sell… SANDWICHES.

In this Celebrity Apprentice’s episode, women team chooses Forte name, with Patricia Velasquez as project manager. The guys take on Unanimous and after a significant amount of silence choose Paul Teutul, Sr. (American Chopper) as project manager

Donald Trump calls and the fund raiser for charity is… *drum roll* Cafe Metro sandwich sale! As usual the team with the most revenue from sales and tips wins.

Unanimous takes on a Chopper-centered sandwich — buffing up all sandwiches in allusion to their project manager’s beefy, utterly lethal arms. Interestingly, Paul swears he could bring in half a million dollars ($500,000 seriously?!) while he pushes the team to product manufacturing immediately (sandwich manufacturing) . Forte went for a VIP club-themed Cafe Metro sale. The women took out their phones and worked on getting their friends to come. Luckily, they snapped back to their senses and started to make the sandwiches which I think ought to have been what was done in the first place.

On sale day, Unanimous gets a huge crowd going outside store but not much inside. There’s just too much macho going outside! Forte keeps it smooth and their phone calls worked well enough mixed with customers pouring in. They sooner get a $20,000 while the guys… well, get uncertainty built-up to their guts.

On the Trump meet, Patricia takes on Cheryl Tweedy and Victoria Gotti as the weakest link. I didn’t see Cheryl coming although she was pretty… uh… yeah, slow. As for Victoria, I wouldn’t have picked out a better weakest link. She made it late on sale day because of (a probably made-up) eye issue and struggled though the team all the way. Paul chooses Arsenio Hall and George Takei and encounters some tension between him and George.

In the end, Forte loses with a $100,000+ and Unanimous wins with $400,000+ by, apparently, raising $305,000 from just one person. Talk about some donation!

Cheryl Tweedy gets fired.

Photo courtesy of Celebrity Apprentice