Two And A Half Men 2/20/12 Recap Live: It’s Not About What She Said

It’s not about what she said – it’s about what she didn’t. Walden is having some problems with his relationship with Zoey on tonight’s episode of Two and a Half Men. Also, Alan inspires an issue with Lyndsey after thinking that she drinks too much (well, after that epic vomit scene, who wouldn’t think the same?). Find out how the two men resolve their relationship (and drinking) problems as we deliver you the freshest updates only here on the site for the nerds, by the nerds – Nerdles!

Walden has been moping all day after an incident with Zoey wherein he said “I love you” and got no answer from Zoey (awwww. sad). As he discusses his problem to Alan, Lyndsey goes on with her vomiting spree as she was drunk last night. Walden meets Zoey’s ex-husband, Nigel, again as he visits her before hopping on a plane for an important business trip. Walden was actually hoping that Zoey would finally tell him how she feels, but then, all Walden received in response is “I have no time to discuss this.” Y U DO THAT ZOEY?

After that incident, Walden decided that Zoey doesn’t really love him and searched for another girl (from the elevator) named Jennifer. On a video call with Zoey, Walden finally gets resolve after Zoey finally says the magic words. However, after saying “I love you,” Zoey sees Jennifer in the background and the couple (Walden & Zoey) get into a fight again. Y U DO THAT WALDEN? Meanwhile, Alan is busy cleaning Lyndsey’s vomit all over the toilet…but enough about that.

Walden decides to go to Zoey’s business trip via his own private plane. Lyndsey gets into the plane with Alan and Walden – unfortunately, she got air sick and vomits all over the interiors, the windows, the floor and Walden’s shirt. Okay, that was just gross. Anyway, when they landed, Zoey and ¬†Walden finally worked out their differences and lived happily ever after…or not? Find out more about the next episode with fresh updates and the juiciest gossips only here on Nerdles!

Photo courtesy of Two and a Half Men.