American Idol 2/22/12 Live Blog: And The Top 24 Finalists Are…

From 42, idol hopefuls will be cut in half on tonight’s episode of American Idol. After another round of solo performances, AI judges begin the final judgment to choose the top 24! Some will rise, and some will fall…watch out who gets in and who doesn’t only here on the site where we deliver you the freshest news straight from the shows themselves – Nerdles!

Jen Hirsch walks in first and a short clip of her solo performance is shown on screen. While I particularly admire her vocals, AI judges didn’t seem to like her performance that much (I couldn’t understand why Randy thought “he’d seen better”). Nonetheless, Jen manages to clinch the first spot in the top 24. Creighton showcases his high-pitched vocals and thankfully, it was enough to let him stay in the running for the next American Idol. Next up, is Lauren Gray, who after losing her smokey voice in the past rounds managed to continue impressing our judges (is it just me, or does she sound like Adele?)…unfortunately, it’s the end of the line for Lauren (awwww, I thought she would make it).

Next one to sit in the legendary idol seat is Joshua…Randy goes on with his speech on how hard it is to let go of really great singers which, by the way, makes Joshua even more nervous than he already is. As usual with Randy’s speeches, Joshua secures a post in the top 24! Meanwhile, Blaire and Naomi both didn’t make it to the cut. Haley Johnsen, the humble star from Portland, also advances to be one of the top 12 girls in the competition. More cuts, more pressure, more tears, more laughter as we come back at you right after the break.

We’re back with Nico on center stage to be judged by our idol judges. Randy, for the Nth time goes on with his speech…but this time, he was really serious and was definitely not intending to joke around – Nico didn’t make it. River and Caleb also didn’t get through – interesting thing, on Caleb’s solo performance, he stopped mid-song asking for water and requests to sing from the start (seriously?). The 28-year old Elise wows the judges in her rendition of “It’s a man’s world” by James Brown and…she made it (oooh. another blonde, eh?).

Next up is Reed Grimm who goes on with his speech on how his life reflected back on him on his way towards the idol seat for the final selection of the to 24. Reed also used the drums on his final performance and….YES! he secures another post on the top 12 guys. Erika Van Pelt on the other hand, also from the Pittsburgh auditions, belts out an Adele classic “Don’t you remember” which unfortunately didn’t impress Jennifer Lopez. Well, that doesn’t matter because she made it! together with Baylie Brown and Chelsea Sorell securing their posts in the top 24. Richie Law, the cowboy and Scotty Mccreery wannabe FORTUNATELY did not make it through (stress on the fortunately since I really hate this guy’s attitude!).

We have Heejun back on stage nervous as a duck. Now, his final performance was indeed impressive but was it impressive enough for our judges to let him take one of the 12 seats for the guys? YES! Heejun got the spot! (yay! I really like his personality!). Jessica Sanchez comes in next and bags another spot for the top 24 idols.¬†Phillip Philips gets through the top 24 after a “hilarious performance” together with Colton Dixon who was still upset over his sister’s falloff last week.

Brielle von Hugel performs next and manages to impress the judges granting him another spot in the top 12 girls. Next, Adam Brock walks to the stage as Randy asks him what his dream really is. Of course, Adam answers back saying that to be the next American Idol is his dream. Enough of the chit-chat, Adam Brock, a.k.a. the “white chocolate” of idol gets through the top 24! Here’s something about Adam Brock’s moment on stage – he was just TOO emotional but before I say something bad, here’s a toast to the top 24! Watch out for the next episode as the top 24 performs on idol stage and the voting begins!

SPOILER ALERT: if you don’t want to read my entry (haha!), you can click on this link to see the complete list of our top 24 American Idols.

Photo courtesy of American Idol.