American Idol 2/23/12 Live Blog: And The Top 24 Finalists Are…(Part 2)

Okay, since there’s already a spoiler article last time with the complete list of those who got into the top 24, tonight’s show wouldn’t be that much of a shocker to you guys. And I have a confession to make – last episode’s actually a cliffhanger – the judge’s announcement that Adam got through was actually the first part of tonight’s episode, but since I didn’t want you guys to go crazy wondering if he got in or not, I might as well have told you the news. haha! anyway, more updates only here on Nerdles!

The first contestant to sit in the legendary idol seat is Shannon Magrane, who really has a great voice. While I admire her talent, I could say that there were other girls this season who had better voices than her but sadly didn’t make it to the cut (i.e. Lauren Gray), so what exactly made her stand out in front of the other contestants? Well, aside from being beautiful at an age of 15, she’s also Steven Tyler’s crush. Haha!

Scott Dangerfield comes in next who reminds me so much of Taylor Hicks (anyone remember him? he was the guy who used to dance a lot). Anyway, he didn’t get through. Skylar on the other hand manages to impress the judges once again despite her flu last week.

Meanwhile, Aaron Marcellus, Hallie Day, Deandre and Chase all got their respective positions in the top 24 (Deandre reminds me of that Reggae guy who smoked himself out of the competition last season 9? I’m not really sure, but I think it’s their hairstyle). Jermaine Jones became so emotional after learning that he didn’t get through (but still, no one can beat Adam Brock’s SUPER EMOTIONAL reaction last episode). Also, Holly got in the top 12 girls leaving Ariel and Shelby behind to pack their bags and go back home.

The two kids of idol – David and Eben – face the limelight and wait for their judgment. Now, as we already know that Eben made it and David didn’t, it still surprises me that David’s inner Michael Jackson didn’t get him through but Eben’s usual balladeer voice was enough (what’s wrong with the judges?). Anyway, I’m sad for David’s elimination, Eben and David became besties during the competition. Sad. Sad.

So there’s your top 24! Watch out next week as the competition becomes real with live updates only here on the site of nerds for nerds – Nerdles!

Photo courtesy of American Idol.