Fringe 2/24/12 Recap Live: The End Of All Things

Tonight’s episode of Fringe brings us to the scene where Olivia and Nina Sharp are both gagged and tied up captive in some secluded room. Also, the Fringe team engages in an attempt to prevent a life-threatening event. Who held Nina and Olivia captive? Will the Fringe division be successful in preventing a cataclysmic incident? Find out as we give you the freshest updates on the latest episode of Fringe only here on Nerdles!

David Robert Jones appears once again and happens to be the culprit for Nina and Olivia’s kidnapping. Also, a theory of mine happens to be correct – the Nina who has been experimenting on Olivia by injecting cortexofan was not really “our” Nina but the Nina from the other side. AlterNina was actually working with David Robert Jones in their quest to rekindle Olivia’s power through dosing her with significant amounts of cortexofan every night (which also happens to be the cause for her migraines).

Meanwhile, Agent Lee and Peter investigates Olivia’s apartment only to find out a surveillance camera. They examine the memory disk and find out a video of Olivia as well as the suspects for her kidnaping – AlterNina (or is it really?). Back to Nina and Olivia, Jones tortures Nina in front of Olivia and threatens to kill her if Olivia fails to do what he wants her to do. What does Jones want Olivia to do exactly? Cross universes? Jones has already done that, so what’s the commotion about?

It turns out that Olivia’s full potential has not yet been tapped and that crossing over the other side is the least of what she can do. In order to tap into Olivia’s powers, Jones gives her the LED-light-it-with-your-mind-test which she already did in the past seasons. Now, remember that Olivia’s abilities are activated through emotions – particularly, fear for someone she loves. The problem is – she can’t remember her relationship with Nina because of the cortexofan’s effect on her memory (she remembers things in Peter’s timeline). Now, another shocker – it turns out that it was AlterNina who was being tortured – not our Nina (it looked so real, damn!). Plus, an observer appears in Walter’s laboratory with a bullet in his chest. The observer named September is in a critical condition so before he dies, Peter decides to sync into the observer’s mind so that he could see where Olivia is being kept.

And yet, another surprise! September and the other observers like him as it appears – are human beings generations after our lifetime. It turns out that they are one of the many possible futures for human race whose technology has enabled them to travel through time and observe – but they have done more than just observe. They managed to influence and corrupt the timeline leading to a war between the universes and…the inevitable end of all things. Before the observer dies, he tells Peter to “go home” – what did he mean? what home? where?

Well, who ever thought observers could be literally speaking when they say “go home”? haha! Peter goes back to his house but instead of finding what he hopes is Olivia, he is met with Olivia’s captors. They’re gonna use Peter as an alternative to AlterNina – and it worked! An awesome display of power by Olivia – she turned on the lights and managed to electrocute one of Jones’ cronies. However, on their way out, Olivia suddenly goes into a seizure. They arrive at the spot where Jones is and it appears that he was on the process of crossing over again. Before he steps out however, Olivia shoots him but instead of falling, Jones stood there, holding the bullet in his hand as if it just passed through him. It turns out that Jones has been experiencing the benefits of molecular disintegration and re-integration at an atomic level – basically, he can’t die. Nice powers, right? The show ends with Peter telling Olivia how he wants to see the real Olivia, not the Olivia he is projecting to that particular Olivia (what? I didn’t even understand my sentence. ahahaha!) Stay tuned in or better yet…stay in this universe for another shocking episode of Fringe only here on Nerdles!

Photo courtesy of Fringe.