How I Met Your Mother 2/27/12 Recap Live: Karma

In this episode, entitled “Karma,” we find Barney still in pursuit of Quinn even after finding out about her stripping profession.

We find Ted and Barney at the Lusty Leopard as they rant away on their recent heartbreaks. Tedy braces the consequence of confessing his love for Robin (AGAIN!) while Barney sarcasms his way to tell Ted that he feels a connection with Quinn. No sooner do they find out that Quinn is a stripper in the Lusty Leopard. Now in a dilemma if he’ll pursue Quinn or not, he consults Ted. After a couple of poorly popped jokes about destiny, Barney decides to pursue her. Quinn agrees¬†$900+Rolex watch worth¬†later. Guess where they’ll date?? Yup, the Lusty Leopard. Barney sooner finds out that Quinn was actually playing after overhearing her use the same “BRAINSTORM!” script to another client. We find out why the episode is called “Karma;” after Quinn’s screen name at the Lusty Leopard. I’m also almost quite sure it has something to do with Barney’s efforts to go good-guy and being played at.

Meanwhile, Robin crashes in Marshall and Lilly’s place. She learns that the suburbs can be a prison for Manhattan-grown women (and men). Going crazy in Long Island, she attempts an escape but Marshall and Lily catches her on the run. Apparently, Robin is not the only person who thinks that the “long” in Long Island refers to the time in the suburbs.

Ted deals with Robin’s empty room and converts it to a grill room (with no ventilation), wood workshop, and pottery room. Realizing that none of these distractions work, we are left with Marshall and Lily reoccupying the house after Ted reveals that their names were never stripped off the lease; and that he now took off his. Robin’s room was converted into a nursery and we find Ted moving on from the haunting of Robin’s memory in the apartment and a totally awww-ing episode.

Photo courtesy of How I Met Your Mother