The Bachelor 2/27/12 Live Blog: All Time High In Switzerland

Tonight’s episode of The Bachelor brings us to the sweet meadows of Switzerland! and Nicki gets lucky with the first date card. With only three girls remaining – Courtney (WTF? She’s still here?), Lindzi and Nicki – Ben is about to choose the final two girls and within two weeks is his new bride to be. Now, for someone who has been watching the previous episodes, this is the first time I saw our Bachelor Ben sincerely happy with Nicki on their date (so, is she the one?). Watch out for more news and mushy moments in the grasslands only here on Nerdles!

After some time together in a deserted mountain in Switzerland, the couple Ben and Nicki get into a romantic dinner date wherein Nicki confesses the extent of what she would do only to win Ben’s heart. Now remember, Ben will be giving each of the girls an invitation for an overnight in some fancy hotel suite with Ben hoping the girls will accept. But hey, who’re you kidding Ben? Who wouldn’t go to a fancy hotel suite? Haha!

So, Nicki accepts and Ben goes talking about how he wants more time with Nicki alone (who’re you kidding Ben? you have alone time with the girls ALL THE TIME. Haha!). He also blurts out about how he likes Nicki’s confidence and how Nicki makes him feel at ease – oooh. a life together seems possible! Meanwhile, it’s Lindzi’s turn to go out with Ben and she is definitely not prepared for what’s in store for her – an action-packed date rappeling on a 300-foot cliff! Lindzi’s really nervous but nonetheless finishes the date and shares a heft amount of fear with Ben which can also be an effective bonding moment. Next up, they both go into a smokey hot tub to relax…yes, just to relax after which they reunite for a fine dining experience. If you remember, Lindzi’s the one who was finding it hard to tell Ben how much she loves him. Will this reluctance deprive her of the opportunity to be with Ben?

Now, for Courtney (which you all know I hate very well since the beginning of the show), whom Ben brings for a train ride in Wengen wherein they stayed at a lush green picnic site. Courtney opens up regarding her rude behavior with the girls – she justifies her behavior (who’re you kidding Courtney?) and tries to seduce Ben yet again. And then a surprise hits our Bachelor: A rejected bachelorette visits Ben asking for an explanation on why he let her go. Thankfully, the bachelorette responds with an understanding but nonetheless warns Ben about Courtney and how she was acting like a bitch with the girls. Will Ben heed this advice? Will he eliminate Courtney already?

The rose ceremony begins and Ben appears to be torn apart with the decision on which girl will he send home. To my surprise, Nicki was sent home (WTF?) leaving Lindzi and Courtney the last two girls vying for Ben Flajnik’s heart (stupid Ben). Next week, our Bachelor with the last two girls will set off to Zermatt wherein they will meet Ben’s family. Stay in tune as the Bachelor finishes off with the last two episodes the following two weeks only here on Nerdles!


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