SPOILER ALERT: Avengers…Assemble!

A brand new poster was released by Marvel Studios to promote the upcoming film the Avengers which, I think, everyone is excited to watch. Directed by Joss Whedon (director of Buffy the Vampire Slayer), the full cast of Avengers compose of Robert Downey, Jr. (Iron Man), Mark Ruffalo (Hulk), Scarlett Johansson (Black Widow), Chris Hemsworth (Thor), Jeremy Renner (Hawkeye), Chris Evans (Captain America) and Samuel Jackson (Nick Fury). I would also like to acknowledge HIMYM’s Colbie Smulders as Maria Hill (teeehee. she’s one of my favorite characters in HIMYM).

So, back to the Avengers. Comic geeks and Marvel fans are continuously arguing about who the villain in the movie will be aside from Loki. Circulating rumors are pointing out the Skrulls as the army brought down by Loki to dominate the planet. Now, for non-Marvel fans out there, Skrulls are extraterrestrial beings inhabiting in their own isolated empire in Andromeda Galaxy. In comic lore, the Skrull race prospered when a different and more advanced alien race (the Celestials) visited Skrullos. The Celestials experimented on the Skrulls by injecting three types of genes affecting them in different ways – 1) the power of mimicry, 2) longevity and 3) a latent power yet to be discovered. As it turns out, those who had the power to mimic, dubbed as the “Deviant Race” eradicated the two other branches and ruled Skrullos on their own. From then on, Skrulls expanded their territories across galaxies until they reach the planet Earth…luckily we have the team of Avengers assembled to fight them…but that’s all from the comic books.

So, what’s in store for us in the film? Is it the Skrulls? Or another type of Marvel being we just missed out? Some believe that the poster holds clues on who the villains might be. Hmmm…it’s up for you to find out! Watch the Avengers on May 4 as it hits the cinemas near you! Stay tuned in for more spoiler alerts only here on the site where we just loooooooove giving you spoilers – Nerdles!

Poster and trailer courtesy of The Avengers Official Site.