American Idol 3/1/12: First Elimination Night, Top 13 Finalists Selected!

After our top 24 (25) perform on stage for the last two episodes, tonight’s show offers a grim day for 12 of our contestants as the top 10 is selected based on America’s votes and the other three wildcard contestants will be selected by the judges themselves. 12 goes home, 13 stays in the competition. Who gets eliminated? Who gets lucky? Find out as we give you the freshest updates only here on Nerdles!

33 million votes came in after only two nights of voting time. These votes will determine the five girls and five guys who will get into the top 10 tonight. “Dim the lights,” says Ryan Seacrest as he calls forth Jeremy Rosado, Chase Likens and Phil Philipps and here we go…(drumroll)…Phil Philipps is the first to get a spot in the top 10!

It’s the girls turn next, Brielle and Hallie Day get eliminated (Thank God!) and Jessica Sanchez  and Hollie Cavanagh both go through to the top 10! Judges praise Jessica for having all the talents a girl her age could never imagine to have while Hollie is also noted for her big voice despite her age. A video clip is shown right after the girls were eliminated. It featured music producer Jimmy Lovine talking about the girls and how good they were. I particularly noted what she said about Brielle -“give that girl the right song and she could do some real damage in this game” – it felt pretty suggestive of giving her another chance to stay in the competition (but, why?).

Now, here’s a surprise…Adam Brock didn’t make it to the top 10 (WTF?), but I hope he gets selected as a wildcard! (cross your fingers guys!!). On the other hand, Heejun Han gets through (YAY!) as well as Joshua Ledet. Lovine sparks some controversy after he commented on Heejun saying “This isn’t American Comedian, this is American Idol” which made the crowd angry (even me, I hate that racist guy Lovine!). Heejun has talent, he can sing so why don’t you give him a chance to do so? Anyway, enough of the bickering. Next up is Shannon Magrane and Skylar Laine both going through the top 10 finalists which means only one spot is remaining for one of our girls! It also means Chelsea Sorrel and Bailey Brown would have to go home tonight..awww.

Reed Grimm doesn’t make it to the top ten as well as Creighton Fraker and Aaron Marcellus. Personally, I like Adam Brock better than Reed Grimm – maybe, it’s because of Adam’s big heart over Reed’s attitude issues (Remember, no American Idol in recent history can be noted as being “boastful” or “airy” during the competition).

Meanwhile, Elise Testone, Erika Van Pelt, Jen Hirsh and Haley Johnsen are called forward…Elise Testone was the only one who got through completing the top 5 girls. For the boys, only two more spots are remaining…who will it be? Deandre, Eben, Colton or Jermaine? Deandre got eliminated first from the remaining four boys. Next to get eliminated is Eben…awww, this boy is just uber talented! Y U NO LET HIM THROUGH? Anyway, Jermaine Jones and Colton Dixon both complete the top ten American Idols for this season! Wait up for the three wildcard contestants the judges will choose to complete the top 13 this season.

Jen Hirsh is the first wildcard contestant who gets a chance to be in the top 13. She sings “Oh Darling” to show off her talents and prove her worthiness to be the next American Idol. Judges were impressed by her performance saying she “sang her life.” Now, take note that the judges will only be choosing six out of fifteen eliminated contestants and only three out of the six will be chosen as the wildcard contestants. Next up is Jeremy Rosado who cries his heart out begging for the judges to give him another chance, but the judges must be fair…meanwhile, Brielle gets to perform Adele’s “Someone Like You” (too much Adele for the week, right?) but seemingly delivers a pitchy performance. Judges didn’t love it, audience didn’t like it, I didn’t get it. So, Brielle won’t be joining the top 13 anytime soon this year, I guess.

Deandre comes in next and delivers a wonderful performance the judges liked particularly Randy. On the other hand, Erica Van Pelt sings a rather compelling performance of Lady Gaga’s “Edge of Glory” almost seeming as if the song’s telling the judges to keep her in the competition (I do hope she gets in after than song). The last one to get a shot back to the safe seat is…Reed Grimm! woot. He sings Bill Wither’s “Use Me” nailing it for the last time (I do hope it is the last time. LOL). So, who among the six performers will get a spot in the top 13 slate? Stay in tuned as each of the judges choose one among the six performers keeping them in the running for the next American Idol.

And…we’re back! It’s Randy’s turn to pick the first wildcard contestant…drumroll…it’s Erika Van Pelt! I personally think she deserves it better than anyone else, so kudos to Randy for a wise decision. Jennifer’s pick is….Jeremy Rosado! Now, this time, I think Jennifer chose him simply because she was touched by how Jeremy was crying during his performance. whew, another Paula Abdul, I guess. Steven Tyler’s pick happens to be Deandre Brackensick which is a little weird comparing him to other performers’s talents. I guess the judges are hoping to pepper in more diversity for this season. Anyway, that’s all for tonight! Watch out next week as the top 13 vies against each other! Who will America vote next? Know it LIVE only here on Nerdles!

Top 10

Phil Phillips

Jessica Sanchez

Hollie Cavanagh

Heejun Han

Joshua Ledet

Shannon Magrane

Skylar Laine

Elise Testone

Jermaine Jones

Colton Dixon

Wildcard Picks

Erika Van Pelt

Jeremy Rosado

Deandre Brackensick

Photo courtesy of American Idol.