The Bachelor 3/5/12 Live Blog: Kiss and Tell

Woah! Some shocking revelations await us on tonight’s episode of the Bachelor as the girls are interviewed on stage. All of the eliminated girls talk about their feelings against each other and footage on each girl’s alone time with Ben are shown on screen spilling some skeletons in the closet for some of the contestants. Watch out for more updates only here on Nerdles!

Blakely gets in the spotlight as a number of girls including Jennifer and Samantha gang in on her. She fights back by justifying her “maturity” over Samantha’s chihuahua mouth at the bachelor house. Haha! Okay, we’re back with Shontelle – for those of you who have not seen past episodes of the Bachelor, Shontelle is an eliminated contestant from the past season with Brad. Now, she came back one episode in season 16 to talk to Ben hoping to convince him to let her stay. Unfortunately, Ben sent her home immediately…awww she drove all the way to San Francisco!

Meanwhile, Elyse, Emily and Jaclyn apologize to Shontelle for calling her a “bitch, white trash, and ugly.” They told Shontelle that she was gorgeous (credit goes to Emily!) and that they were basically intimidated by her presence. Shontelle accepts this apology and decides to move on with life. Next on the hot seat is Emily who, after warning Ben about Courtney’s true colors, got eliminated. The antagonism between the girls and Courtney grow farther as Emily starts talking about Courtney and Ben in Puerto Rico (oh, that skinny dipping episode, right?).

Nicki the divorcee, comes in next to be interviewed by Chris. Her experiences with Ben was shown on screen up until that faithful day she was sent home. Nicki explains her deep feelings for Ben Flajnik all of which were trashed out over Courtney’s seductive strategies. Kacie B. comes in next to talk about…guess who? Courtney! haha! Watch out how Courtney cries out of frustration as everyone gangs in on her, including me! haha!

But hey, Kacie B. happens to talk about her experience going home after Ben eliminated her (I’m sorry guys, I’m just so excited to make Courtney cry!). So, Courtney’s next! What will the other girls say? How will she react? Stay tuned in as the Bachelor returns only here on Nerdles!

The most controversial (and most hated) girl EVER in the Bachelor – Courtney! Dubbed as “the Blackwidow,” the manipulative bitch is grilled even before she steps on stage. Kacie B., Emily, Nicki, Samantha among other girls confess all of their hate to Courtney and how she played Ben’s heart. The girls all agree that Courtney has a split personality and that she switches her good side on whenever she’s with Ben and other circumstances where she needs to act good. However, the slaughter wouldn’t be complete without the pig itself on the scene so watch out after the break as Courtney gets what she deserves!

ASSDASFASGASD – RAGE TYPE! Courtney’s going all good-girl-aura again as she defends her actions in the bachelor house. She answers questions regarding matters including how she threw Emily’s apology to her face, that time when she invited Ben for skinny dipping, and many others where she was just plain cruel. Her defense is this – she was just insecure which was the reason for her behavior against other girls and that it was never her intention to hurt anybody (yeah, right?). Courtney starts crying and apologizes to everyone – is she sincerely apologizing this time? or is this another one of her tricks?

Ben Flajnik arrives at the hot seat next and Jennifer questions her first regarding Blakely being chosen over her. Ben answers in the usual playboy tone – he didn’t compare one girl to another and he treated each relationship as best as he could (really? Ben? who’re you kidding?). Anyway, Emily blurts out next saying Ben could have been more honest in the course of their relationship. Nicki maneuvers the topic by saying Ben was the best man she has ever met. Casey S. makes her stand regarding her boyfriend back home while staying in the bachelor house. Jamie the nurse speaks next telling Ben how fabulous he is and that if he ever finds in his heart to go back to her, Jamie will always accept Ben with open arms. Ben’s moment in the hot seat finishes with a short video clip of him running naked in the vineyard (it turns out, his skinny dipping scene with Courtney wasn’t the only time he was naked on cam).

So, who will Ben Flajnik choose? Are the rumors true? Will he choose Courtney over Lindzi? Well, if he indeed chooses Courtney, then he would have to live with his choice – watch out if Ben’s dream becomes a nightmare and see who he chooses on the next episode of the Bachelor only here on the site where we give you the best (opinionated) updates – Nerdles! haha!

Photo courtesy of The Bachelor.