The Mentalist 3/8/12 Live Recap: Suspicion

Our sharp Patrick Jane suspiciously takes on a case from FBI Agent Susan Darcy; all the while doubting her for having ulterior motives. Meanwhile, the CBI team works on a murder case without Jane.

Opening this episode of The Mentalist is our ever-loved Patrick Jane accusing a company executive of murder… and gets punched in the face. Our executive, Gary, offers $10 million reward for any information that would lead to the arrest of Matilda’s murderer. Matilda Cruz is Gary’s employee who was murdered after a meeting up with supposed co-Shakespeare fan. After getting punched in the face, Jane meets Darcy and agrees to take on another homicide after Darcy informs him that the Lieutenant Governor wants him in the case.

Jane and Darcy finds Katy, our homicide victim, in a mountain forest after being  found by the forest rangers. The suspect is revealed to be married to a Sandy and lives only with their daughter Megan in their house. Jane quickly deduces that there were signs of struggle or defense wounds on Katy’s corpse. He also finds wine in the scene of the crime. Interview with her in-laws reveal that the day of Katy’s death was Katy’s “me” time — an obnoxious term where her in-laws took care of Megan while Katy enjoyed the rest of the day of her motherhood duties. Jane’s tinkering of the phone house while interviewing the in-laws reveals that she called a local pizzeria. With no pizza orders or pizza box in the kitchen, Jane deduces that there must be some link to the murderer and the call. Interview with the owners reveal that a certain James Barker, sibling of the pizzeria’s owners, might have committed the crime. Lyla, Jame’s sister, reveals that his brother has been having blackouts and have been taking medication. James Barker also reveals that he had an affair with Katy.

Meanwhile, Gary gets held up with Robin after punching Jane. Robin tries to crack him open to make him admit of the murder but she could not to it in the way our genius Jane does.

Back to the murder scene, Darcy and Jane finds James Barker after Darcy tries force out the truth about Red John’s death. James confesses to the crime but does not remember how he committed it. With the knife in hand and Katy’s blood all over her, he accepts his almost certain incarceration until Jane almost certainly absolves him. In the whole turmoil of these, Jane admits that Red John is still alive and Darcy accuses him of working with Red John.

Ultimately, he solves Katy’s case after finding a lead on Katy’s in-laws. They apparently know of Katy’s affair with James and plotted and successfully kills her while on a picnic date with James on the same day she was murdered.

Case closed, Jane goes back to CBI where he meets Gary and cracks with a line from Shakespeare’s Macbeth.

It’s not unusual that The Mentalist gets busy with all of Jane’s antics and the multitude of cases that they try to solve. However, I believe this particular episode to be way too busy that it fails everything goes into a pie of everything. But still, we got to give it to Patrick Jane and his antics.

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Photo courtesy of The Mentalist.