20/20 3/9/12 Live Recap: Pets, Pets, Pets

We’ve all heard them say that dogs are man’s best friend and cats… well, they make good pets, too (if you’re not asthmatic or  allergic). This episode of 20/20 takes the pet craze in the spotlight.

Meet Maji the labrador.We’ve all heard and seen movies of dogs gone crazy… but here’s a real life pet with a real life hobby — digging into his owner’s garbage can and getting stuck in it. And this is no speculation… we got video proof! Why does he do it? His owner says Maji has some appetite and true enough, his cuddly fury body seems to give that away. If you haven’t had enough of Maji the muncher, meet the newest cat burglar in town — Dusty. Don’t get me wrong. Dusty is a cat and she performs burglary feats. From her feline rummaging, she was able to bring home a mountain of stuff that ranges from cup B bras to a pair of sneakers… YES. A PAIR.

Animal vanity has also taken an all time high. Ever heard of k9 creative styling?  It does involve hair… but not yours. This vanity has your pets getting tattoos, hair cuts, hair dyes, body piercing, teeth braces and all else that you can think of that will make your pet look even more enjoyably attractive for you. Vanity has also headed to reproductive measures in the form of nude-icles (artificial dog testicles). Meet 9-year old English bulldog, Buff. This little sex machine can’t help it when he sees hot k9 on the streets. His owner decided to cut off his manly dangles and had them replace with nude-icles. Now buff can have as much sexy time as he wants… while being safe.

The episode also features pet owners with pets you don’t get to see everyday. Henry Lizardlover (I’m not mocking, he had his name changed!) lives up to his name; displaying an ardent love for iguanas. Other weird pets featured included a bison. a hippo, and crocodiles. Are they safe to take care of? Animal Planet geniuses say “of course not.” They even warn these eccentric pet owners that it might only take a matter of time before these animals might go wild.

We also get to asked the ultimate pet question… “Are you a dog person? Or a cat person?” I don’t know about you but I can roll with both. Apparently, serious philosophical insights have been at work to analyze the ethical, anthropological and historical functions and origins of the question. The most prevalent one? Don’t stereotype yourself. LOVE BOTH.

Caroline and Rookie has one unique owner-pet relationship. Caroline danced with Rookie in competitions that has deeply influenced dogs show competitions. But besides this, Rookie shares a history with Caroline that deepened when Caroline’s grandmother died. Their successes in dog dance stages has infected dog owners world wide that Rookie’s signature moves have become a mark in dog pop-culture. In 2007, however, Rookie was diagnosed with cancer and succumbed to the sickness leaving Caroline behind.

Stay tuned for our next week’s recap of 20/20.

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Photo courtesy of 20/20.