CSI Miami 3/11/12 Live Recap: Pieces of Bones

In today’s episode, the “Miami Taunter” kills again. Raquel Welch is today’s guest star, playing the matriarch of the suspected killer’s family. Horatio pays her a visit and the investigation continues. To know what happens next, keep it locked in only here at Nerdles!

Agent Calleigh and the witness stand behind the glass window as he tries to identify the perpetrator. Chelsea was the latest victim. Her boyfriend (also the witness) recounts her life, even mentioning how it was difficult for her working as a prostitute. There are 5 suspects on the other side of the glass, and he is to identify his attacker by the number the suspect holds. Suspense rises as the witness walks in front of the glass window in his hospital gown and his swollen eye. He identifies suspect number 3, the man in the yellow shirt and tie, as the killer.

Sgt. Frank excavates the dead body of a female covered with bruises. He follows the track of the search dog and finds a skeleton of a human finger, from another body. He gets a shovel and starts digging to find the rest of the body parts. He finds the rest of the hand and the body, identifying the victim as male by its narrow pelvic bone. He examines the skull and finds a piece of metal in it – a bullet. Back in the lab, Agent Calleigh runs a match of the bullet and finds one! The .22 caliber gun was registered during the 1980’s under the name of Diego Navarro, Esteban’s father and Mrs. Navarro’s son.

Horatio drives to the Navarro estate where he finds mother and son in an argument. Horatio questions Diego about a pile of bones found in their 1,000 hectare land. A short discussion follows, with Diego confessing in owning the same gun in question a long time ago. Coincidentally, the body was buried a long time ago, too! The suspect is taken in, and Horatio walks around the house in his CSI mode. He walks out to the backyard, where he finds a heel of a woman’s shoe smoking in the fireplace. Mrs. Navarro approaches him, and he shows her his latest discovery of the evidence that the family was allegedly trying to discard.

Agent Calleigh and Agent Delko are in the lab, examining the evidence of the smoking shoe. Agent Delko suggests that they should seek the help of Elizabeth Clark, who is in the same line of work at the same area where the victim, Chelsea, used to work. Agent Delko questions Elizabeth about the shoe, where she claims the shoe to be hers and lent it to the victim. Agent Delko asks her to testify against Diego Navarro, and she agrees.

First called in the witness stand is Elizabeth. Again, she is questioned about the shoe, and about the last conversation she had with Chelsea. Apparently, Chelsea told her that she’d be out on a date with the suspect, Diego Navarro. Second on the witness stand is Agent Delko. The defense team questions him about his analysis on the shoe, and his relationship with the witness, Elizabeth Clark. A photo of them together is presented in the court room, and in the end, the defendant’s motion to suppress the shoe evidence is granted.

Agent Natalia and Agent Calleigh heads out for the crime scene, searching for more evidence to catch the killer. the sift through the dirt, going section by section in the crime scene that has been dug by other investigators. Through rigorous work they find a shirt clip, which they take to the lab for examination.

Agent Natalia sits down with Mrs. Navarro, presenting the gold shirt clip found with the skeletal remains in the crime scene. Of course Mrs. Navarro doesn’t recognize this piece of evidence. But after she is shown a photo of herself with Diego in his uniform (wearing the same shirt clip found in the crime scene), she remembers Diego being in the Junior Nautical Training Academy.

Mrs. Navarro confronts her son Diego about the shirt clip found in the crime scene. They get into another argument, resulting to Diego breaking the whiskey bottle and threatening to kill his mother. Mrs. Navarro is on the phone with Horatio, frantically calling for help as her son continues to threaten her.

The show ends with a discovery of a basement torture room in the Navarro home. Evidence is found and collected, and the CSI team puts the Miami Taunter in jail.

Photo courtesy of CSI: Miami.