The Ellen Degeneres Show Today Live Recap: The Return of the Marshmallow Game 3/14/12

Today on The Ellen Degeneres Show, the infamously famous Marshmallow Game makes its return. We’re sure in for some good laughs with this one. Also, Superbad funny man, Moneyball nerd, SNL host, Oscar nominee, and now 21 Jump Street star Jonah Hill guests on the show. Right behind him, Chris Rene of the X-Factor tells Ellen about skyrocketing to stardom, his battle with alcohol, and performs “Young Homie” from his upcoming album. All this and more on The Ellen Degeneres Show today, so make sure to bookmark your one and only Nerdles for live updates!

We open today’s episode of The Ellen Degeneres Show by inaugurating the return of The Marshmallow Game! Ellen has a line of women lined up ready to make crazy crazy crazy faces by having a taut rubber band wrapped around their heads and faces as they try their best to gnaw at marshmallows hanging on strings. Hilarious! For the funny faces that these women inevitably make on national television, Ellen of course, gives them gifts! Sweeeet.

Now it’s time for for Bad Paid For Tatoos! The first bad tattoo is one on someone’s back that says “Puerto Rirco.” Second, we have a McDonald’s Golden Arches on the back. Third, we have a tattoo of Kelsey Grammer on someone’s arm. But the best of them all is a two-way tie between Troy’s tattoo on his pec and a fan’s tattoo of Waldo of “Where’s Waldo?” behind their nipple. Ouch!

Our first guest stars Jonah Hill, Academy Award Nominee for Moneyball, and guess what!?! Jonah and Ellen are wearing the same thing – black suit and light grey dress shirt! Coincidence? They talk about Jonah Hill’s stint hosting Saturday Night Live. It was an honor for Jonah Hill to be on stage with Tom Hanks even though Tom made fun of Jonah most of the time they together. Jonah talks about trying not to suck while hosting the show. He overcomes that nervousness by focusing on his friends and family in the audience. He pretends it’s just them, and he tries to focus on just making them laugh – he can hear his friend laughing at his jokes which helped him out a lot.

Back from the break, Jonah and Ellen talk about Jonah’s new movie coming out this Friday, 21 Jump Street. He tells a story about filming with Channing Tatum. While being – as he says – “drunk and awesome”, Jonah and Channing are out for a swim during the movie’s shoot. It turns out Jonah is quite the swimmer and outswims Channing. But photos from the paparazzi show another story. They take pictures of him, and caption their story by stating that Jonah Hill almost drowns. Fortunately, Jonah Hill is here today to clarify the whole story – he was just being “drunk and awesome.”

Chris Rene of the X-Factor joins Ellen on the show next with a grand introduction from music mogul, L.A. Reid. Chris Rene performs the single “Young Homie” on his upcoming album. I’ve heard him do much much better on the X-Factor than his performance on The Ellen Degeneres Show today. He had a few moments where he was just off key. Maybe a bit more practice?

Next on The Ellen Degeneres Show, Ellen features Joshua Johnson, a young college student from Pennsylvania who pays for his tuition by tap dancing in a subway in New York. He travels five hours just to make people happy on the subway, and of course, have those very same people donate some of their hard-earned cash to help him through college. It’s a very inspiring story. Here’s this kid from a pretty tough neighborhood who works hard to get into a good school. He works even harder every single day to make sure he keeps himself in school, and thanks to his God-given talents and the kindness of people, he makes it happen on every single on of those days. Before he goes, Ellen has a surprise “tip” for him – she offers him a $35,000 check from Chegg! Congratulations!

That’s it for the show today, folks! Please be sure to bookmark Nerdles for live recaps of The Ellen Degeneres Show daily during the week especially for tomorrow’s show!

Photos courtesy of The Ellen Degeneres Show.