The View 3/14/12 Live Recap: Piggy, Kermit and Jon Ramsey

Another fun-filled show awaits you at The View! Today we are joined by the legendary characters of our youth, Miss Piggy and Kermit the Frog! And, John Ramsey, JonBenêt’s father and the author of “The Other Side of Suffering”, will sit down with the ladies of The View as well. This and so much more, so stay tuned only here on Nerdles!

Barbara Walters begins the show with a controversial story that was featured in Dr. Phil yesterday. Its about an 18-year old teenage girl and an old-aged man in love, sharing 8,000 text messages with each other. Elisabeth is enraged and sickened over the fact that this girl is not in school and is being ripped off from her family. Joy shares that these pedophile-types believes that they are the same age as these young girls that they date. I guess age really does matter! The ladies stand firm on the point that parents should intervene with the people their children date. Next topic is marriage and how couples separate their earnings.

Back on the show, Barbara has good news for men who are watching the show, a picture of the Kardashian sisters’ lingerie ad! They look so hot, indeed! But, the ladies follow up with airbrushing practices in photos – hmmm. Sherri made a good point that men want to fantasize about women without cellulite showing on their thighs! Barbara claims she looks the same as the Kardashian sisters in a corset and shows her legs off to the audience, she’s still got it! Now, they talk about Ashley Judd’s facial injections, as obviously seen on her chubbier cheeks. Well, preventive aging is a must for most women today! Volleyball Olympic medalist Kerri Walsh drops by to talk about being a mother of 2 and Pampers’ new USA diapers! Her two boys look so cute in those stars and stripes printed diapers!

Now, guest author John Ramsey talks about his struggle on how he handled the accusations that he killed his own daughter, JonBenet Ramsey who was murdered in their own home. After having to endure grilling and heart-wrenching questions of investigators, he is now in a better position in his life. He remarried 8 months ago and is out with a book titled “The Other Side of Suffering”.

Back from the break are The Muppets’ stars, the adorable Miss Piggy and Kermit the Frog! The couple sits down with the ladies, talking about their dating life and settling down. Miss Piggy gets sarcastic and Kermit is grilled on when he’s going to ask Miss Piggy’s hand for marriage! He jokingly says that they have Joy-Steve relationship. Miss Piggy claims to be the biggest diva working on The Muppets movie. That is figuratively and literally, I guess! We also have to watch out for the sequel of their movie – Kermit says there’s a chance there might be one!

They end the show with Miss Piggy and Kermit the Frog saying “take time to take in The View! So,’til tomorrow guys!

Photo courtesy of The View.