Criminal Minds 3/14/12 Live Recap: Mother’s Instincts

Our team traces a suspect who goes on a killing spree to satiate her uncontrollable maternal desperation.

The first victim is a couple with a daughter who sneaks out to smooch with her boyfriend at night. She returns back home after her smooching around and finds her parents whith a bullet in their head.

The next victim is a single housewife who gets stripped off her dress and necklace and gets sprayed on a by bullets in her body. The suspect gets disturbed by her victim’s praying and shoots her to death.

The team realizes that both victims were members of the emergency foster home. They took care of orphan or relocated children children ¬†for a night or a weekend until Social Services find permanent homes for them. Our team of investigators deduce that Maggie’s behavior is a case of maternal instict desperation. The suspect is accused of wanting to have a child of her own at all costs.

Investigators narrow their suspect’s profile to pregnant women or women who had miscarriages, and had access to the foster home’s database. The team soon realizes that they were barking on the wrong suspect profile when a third victim was shot and left alive. In the victim’s car are baby-care products. The team realizes that the suspect got what she was looking for and that that the ssupect was only after one child — baby Johnny.

The suspect’s name is revealed to be Maggie Holman, a high school teacher who slept with her high school student, Tommy Brown. Maggie got pregnant with Tommy’s child and was arrested for molestation. She was imprisoned and had her baby in the women’s correctional. Because she was not fit to raise the child in prison, the baby was sent to emergency foster families until social services finally found the child a foster family in the person of the third victim.

Now that Maggie has her baby back, she goes to Tommy and moves in with him to a house of a former student who she also molested. It is revealed that she named her baby after the boy who she molested first — Johnny. Our team traces Maggie to Johnny’s old house where the find her together with baby Johnny and Tommy. In a tragic turn of events, Tommy learns about Johnny and that he was only taken advantage of by Maggie. BAU shoots her down after attempting a gun assault.

Amidst all the drama of today’s case, we find some break from Kevin’s plans to propose to Penelope. The show, however, ends with a sadder tone after Penelope preempts Kevin’s plan (by hacking into his computer) She confronts him and shoots his plan down, losing Kevin in the process.

Photo courtesy of Criminal Minds.