20/20 3/16/12 Live Recap: Rusty Sneiderman

Rusty Sneiderman is described by his friends, neighbors and family as the man everyone could think as their best friend. He had a natural gift of befriending children — a skill that came handy in raising his 2-year-old son, Ian. Unfortunately for Ian, he will no longer get to make a memory with is father after Rusty was gunned down in Dunwood Prep School, Atlanta.

Unknown to Rusty, he was already being followed by a man as he was dropping his son, Ian, for a day’s play at Dunwood Prep school. After making sure Ian was happily playing in the school’s play area, Rusty goes back to his car but doesn’t make it back to his son after a gunman shoots him to the neck. Rusty dies a few minutes later and investigations regarding his violent death lead to a reveal of shocking events.

Andrea Greenberg, Rusty’s wife, is revealed to have an affair with Hemy Neuman. Neuman is Andrea’s supervisor at General Electric, where Andrea words, and is believed to have an affair with her. When this is revealed to the investigators, Hemy Neuman becomes the prime suspect to Rusty’s death. What pins Neuman is an enhanced surveillance video that shows a Kia Sedona mini-van that was used by the gunman as an escape vehicle. Police traces the mini-van to have been rented by Hemy Neuman. Investigators also get a hold of a Jon de Silva who confesses to have sold Neuman a gun. What pushed Jon to approach authorities was Neuman’s disturbing attempt to buy his silence.

In trial, Neuman goes for the insanity plea and tries to establish that he was driven mad by love and jealousy. In fact, Neuman even confessed to have heard voices in his head that pushed him to do horrible things. Andrea takes the witness stand against Hemy. She denies that she had any romantic attachment to Hemy and reveals a more disturbing information about her husband’s death. Donald Sneiderman, Rusty’s father, testifies in court that Andrea called them  past 9 a.m., telling them that Rusty was shot. What highly surprises that court is that Andrea’s testimonies say she did not know what had happened to Rusty until she arrived at the hospital at around 11 a.m., after being called by the authorities.

Speculations on Andrea’s innocence goes to the cliff with this revelation and she is implied to be a co-conspirator on Rusty’s death. Investigators believe that Andrea’s motive may be Rusty’s $2 million life insurance that she gets to collect in the event that Rusty dies. Andrea gets accused by both prosecutor and defense counsels in their closing statements.

In the end, the jury finds Hemy Neuman guilty without reasonable doubt and is sentenced to life imprisonment. Andrea, who everyone believes to be equally guilty, remains free and uncharged of any crimes.

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Photo courtesy of 20/20.