The Revolution 3/16/12 Live Recap: Fresh Friday

Spring is in the air as The Revolution talks about fresh starts for the new season! Tim’s “fresh start” spring fashion show keeps us up to date with the trends, and Dr. Jen’s alternative ways to use alcohol for our skin keeps us fresh! And, it’s the end of Stacey Lewis’ revolution! Watch out for more fresh updates only here on Nerdles!

The show starts with Stacey preparing for her final revolution. She’s backstage doing her hair and make-up, absolutely excited to show the world the results of her hard work. Moving on, spring fashion is in the air as Macy’s pick of the best spring looks hits the runway. Tim gets on with the fashion show! First on the runway is a “garden party” Jessica Simpson dress paired with wedged strappy sandals. Next, a red-based print top paired with jeans and heels. Red is the color of the season, Tim declares. Dark bottoms with bright tops are one of the best looks, too! Third, a wild printed knee-high dress. Small-scale prints actually make us look taller, as Tim shares. A floral dress comes out next, and it looks amazing! When Maxi dress is mentioned, Tim makes a sour face, hating the look as it covers great figures and svelte legs. Okay, no more Maxi dresses for me!

Back on the show, Dr. Jen gets trendy as she discusses 3 new ways to take care of your skin – using alcohol! Skin expert Regine Berthelote joins Dr. Jen to discuss ways to incorporate alcohol with skin care. First on the list is wine. Extracts in wine, called resveratrol, can help our skin look young and fresh. With 1 teaspoon of wine yeast, 3 teaspoons of water plus honey mixed together, Dr. Jen makes an instant face mask! Dr. Jen tries it on Ty, spreading the mixture on his arm. After application, his arm is cling wrapped for 5 to 10 minutes. Champagne is next, containing an antioxidant component that helps our skin with anti-aging. Last is Sake, or rice wine, that helps reduce dark spots and hydrate our skin. Not only do you get drunk with these alcoholic beverages, you’ll also look better too! (As long as you don’t drink it, of course!)

Speaking of fresh starts, Ty and Tim are back with some inventive ideas to spice up our homes! Tim shares his own tricks, where he paints his cabinet first. He paints the insides of his closet white, so that the colors of his clothes will come out. Then he goes on with cleaning his bathroom and kitchen extensively. Its hard to picture Tim scrubbing bathroom tiles! Now, they share a painting technique using the materials we move-in with. A roll of tape, tape measure and cardboard box is all we need! Ty starts off with a plain gray wall, then creating dimensions using the materials mentioned. He uses chalk to draw in different sizes of card board, then tapes tapes the edges to create different patterns. He paints over the tape but makes sure not to paint past the patterns. The finished product looks so good you wouldn’t even recognize its do-it-yourself work!

Back on the show, Stacey’s journey to her revolution comes to an end. She began her revolution with 205 pounds, then working her way to a “fresh start”. A video of her journey towards her revolution is shown. Five months ago, she had poor eating habits and was still keeping her long-guarded secret. After her sit-down with Dr. Tiffanie, she finally found the courage to tell her mom and her husband about her molestation when she was 5-12 years old. On her second month of revolution, she turned pizza night into turkey-roasted taco night! Now, she steps out looking absolutely stunning! Her tears of joy came out as well because all her hard work, discipline and dedication are recognized by everyone, especially her family.

Another fresh Friday ends, with fresh beginnings celebrated on The Revolution. But right now, its time for us to make our own fresh starts, maybe beginning with some spring cleaning! Don’t forget to come back next week for more revolution only here on Nerdles!

Photo courtesy of The Revolution.