The View 3/16/12 Live Recap: Celebrities, Fashion and More!

Thank God it’s Friday! And that we can relax today with The View. Hunk and Broadway star Eric McCormack talks about his new show “The Best Man” while GCB’s star Annie Potts stops by for a chat with the ladies. Healthiest fast foods and “Fashion Fridays” awaits you, so keep it here only on Nerdles!

Barbara wouldn’t be able to join the show today. But it’s still going to be another interesting show in The View! Sherri starts off by reminding the viewers to watch out for her foxtrot on “Dancing with the Stars” this coming Monday. She’s a little bit nervous because of the 12 million people who’ll be watching. And of course, the ladies will give their critique about it. Moving on, the ladies talk about what goes on in the dressing room before the show starts. Here, a picture of Sherri plucking her beard was photographed by Joy earlier today. Now you know what goes on behind the camera!

Next, they talk about a husband and wife arguing because the husband’s friend divorced his wife and ran off with his yoga instructor. Joy made a hilarious comment saying “Herpes is forever and so is divorce!” meaning, divorce is contagious. Elisabeth says that in order to make sure your husband doesn’t cheat on you, you have to work around the “fear of divorce”. Whoopi disagrees, saying that “trust” is more important than anything. The argument ends with a splash of water as Sherri talks about a Unicef’s “Tap Project”.

We’re back with Annie Potts who talks about some of her old projects. One old show was “Designing Women” and her memories about co-star Dixie Carter. Speaking of old projects, she recollects her memory of “Jumpin’ Jack Flash” and working with Whoopi. She describes Whoopi as being smart and sweet, no diva attitude at all! It’s good to know that at least some people in Hollywood are actually nice!

Designer Isabel Toledo is one of Whoopi’s favorites, who became part of US history when she designed Michelle Obama’s dress in President Obama’s inauguration. She sits down with us today to talk about every girl’s favorite topic: fashion. Isabel became a fashion bug when she worked in the Metropolitan Museum of Arts, restoring old costumes made by big designers like Dior and Balenciaga. Elisabeth is really impressed with Isabel’s design, especially Michelle Obama’s green dress worn in the inauguration that knocked everybody out! Isabel has a new book “Roots of Style” where she talks about how it is having an “American Dream” and working your way up. Her Spring 2012 Collection walks down the runway and looks absolutely amazing! Some of the dresses that came out: 1) Corset top with a kimono cape coat 2) suit and cargo shorts 3) yellow green trench coat dress with a waist belt that she calls “the inside-out dress”. Beautiful!

Now, nutritionist Kerri Glassman joins Joy and Sherri today to talk about the healthiest fast food options. She starts with everyone’s favorite, Mc Donald’s! She says that they’re actually going to reduce 15% sodium in their food by 2015, great for the health buffs out there! So, a big mac, shake and large fries meal contains 2180 calories consumed in just one sitting. A better option would be 4 chicken salads and a chicken wrap that only contains 1570 calories! Well, a burger still tastes better, don’t you think? Next is Panera Bread, and Kerri says that if we order a Ciabatta ham sandwich, a shake and a pecan pastry, we are consuming 103 grams of fat! Way more than the average 44-78 grams we need daily! She says its better to opt for 2 bowls of Ceasar’s Salad, 2 soups that contains about 60 grams of fat. Another favorite is Chipotle, who is known to be the pioneer of healthy fast food. Did you know that a regular soda and a burrito contains 195 grams of carbohydrates and a rice bowl and a salsa salad is only 65 grams in carbs? Wow! And I keep staying away from rice?!

We’re back! And the ladies talk about the healthier options in our favorite casual dining restaurants. First is Uno’s Pizzeria. A pizza and a large shake contains 2640 calories versus a pizza, salad, vegetables and beans that has 2215 calories. I say its the drinks that’s packed with calories! Next is Olive Garden, comparing a Chicken Parmesan and Fettucini Alfredo that has 85 grams of fat and a chicken and vegetable dish, salad and dessert containing far more less fat than the pasta. So now we know what’s best to order, guys!

Food and fashion is certainly a great way to end the week with The View! See you next week with more viewing pleasures only here on Nerdles!

Photo courtesy of The View.