The Revolution 3/19/12 Live Recap: Food Addiction

Too much love for food has been a long problem for those health-conscious people, especially those who face weight control issues. Food addiction specialist Dr. David Katz joins Harley and Val Chmerkovskiy to sharre nutrition and health tips. There’s a new hero for this week! Stay tuned as we meet Sarah Orr only here on Nerdles!

The show starts with Ty, Dr. Jen and Harley. 30,000 calories of food is laid down on the table. They talk about Sarah Orr, a 4th grade teacher living in Arkansas. She has 2 beautiful daughters, a husband, and a wonderful home. She confesses being addicted to diet soda, consuming 10 to 12 glasses a day. She feels exhausted having to take care of her 2 children and maintaining a clean, orderly home. She says she suffers from ADD, forcing her to wake up 5am to start preparing for her kids’ school. Dr, David Katz joins Tim in an interview on food addiction. He says there are some foods that are addicting, such as food containing high salts and sugars. Additionally, he shares his study on brain scans he took of people who are food addicts. The brain of food addicts are more active than normal when a picture of a milkshake is shown.

Back on the show, Tim continues talking to Dr. Katz. Lori sits down with them, telling Dr. Katz tha she craves fried foods. Lory says she feels anxious and that something is missing when she doesn’t eat. Dr. Katz describes food as medicine and being used to take away pain of experiences that happens to the food addicts, especially with incidents that happen in the past. He says that it may be easier to rid people of alcohol and drug addiction, but it’s hard to take away food from a person. Lory says she can point her food addiction to events that happened to her in her childhood. She talks about her 17 year old daughter and her 2 year old daughter, telling them that she feels the burden of being responsible for them. I think a revolution is on the way for her!

The Revolution Hero for this week is Sarah Orr, and her food habits are laid on the table. Ty visits her home in Arkansas to find her secret stash of food. Her two daughters scour through their kitchen cabinets and find her goodie drawer full of boxed doughnuts. Sarah consumes about 3,000 calories a day before she started her revolution. She misses her diet soda and eating pizza in the first few days in her journey. She is 217 pounds when she began, and now, she comes out from the back stage looking healthier and happier. On her first month she lost 16 pounds, and she’s continuing her new food habits.

Sarah’s kids tell her why they want her to lose weight. They want her to play with her, swim with her and because other moms are skinny. She says her ADD makes it difficult for her to catch up with her daily activities. She says she has problems of being too overwhelmed on a lot of chores and work she has to do. Being inactive, not being able to sit still and difficulty in understanding are some signs of ADD and ADHD.

Tim is back with Sarah to pick out her outfit for her revolution this coming Friday. She likes her basic, eclectic clothes, putting in her own personality in her clothes. Tim picks out a black blazer and a miniskirt. Sarah brought her boots that were a little too rough for his taste. He replaces it with high heeled fashion boots that fit perfectly with her outfit.

Harley joins the dancing duo, Sherri Sheperd and Val Chmerkovskiy from “Dancing with the Stars”. Sherri shares her needs to be fit and healthy so she can stay injury-free while dancing. Harley shows a few exercises that will help her workout her hamstrings, back and arms. He brought strawberries, blueberries, carrots, egg white and fish are some of the foods she can eat for strength and energy.

Photo courtesy of The Revolution.


  1. Gail says

    I just watched the revolution today with Sherri Shepard . I love the show It teaches you so much.I love Tim gunn. Thank you abc for giving us a show for people with real minds.

  2. Lisa says

    I LOVED the boots that Sarah Orr, this week’s hero on The Revolution, was given. What brand are they and where might I purchase a pair for myself?

    • says

      Hey Lisa! I don’t exactly know what brand they are but I believe you can get them at Macy’s. Keep reading until the end of thee week so you can see those boots again! Sarah will have them on as she reveals the results of her revolution. I loved the boots, too!