The View 3/19/12 Live Recap: For Our Mentors

This Monday, The View pays tribute to their mentors. Gloria Steinem, Mike Nichols, Pastor Phillip Wagner and Pastor Holly Wagner are just some of the mentors that changed lives. Stay tuned and learn from mentors only here on Nerdles!

A first lady joins the women of The View today. Taking Barbara’s seat is the former First Lady of the State of New York, and the founder of Mentoring USA, Matilda Raffa Cuomo. She talks about creating Mentoring USA, helping children not to drop out of school. She says from then and now, the problem of teen pregnancy and drugs affect the lives of children if they stop going to school. Which his why his husband encouraged her to create a partisan committee that would figure out how to keep children in school. Being a teacher herself and a mother of 5, her husband truly believed she could make a change. Ely Delgado Reyes joins the show. She started being Matilda’s student when she was in the 4th grade. Now, she works in the Oncology and Hematology Crisis Center.

Back on the show, Sherri proudly introduces her mentor. 1997 and 30 years old, Sherri lost her faith and her mom. She found salvation through the words of Pastor Philip Wagner together with his Valley girl wife, Holly. They taught Sherri her value of being a woman and inspired her to touch the lives of the people around her. Her life changed when she first walked in to Oasis Church, she says. Coming from being a Jehova’s Witness, she found her faith back through the non-judgmental and welcoming acceptance of the couple. She had a lot of credit card debt and was evicted from her apartment during the time she met them. When Sherri was trying to get a car but couldn’t get a loan because of bad credit, Pastor Philip wrote a letter to one agency and they reversed the decision. Pastor Holly Wagner shares her experience of being cancer-free for 7 years, winning the battle over breast cancer. The two pastors have been married for 27 years, and Pastor Holly advices women to choose someone who knows how to serve, while Pastor Wagner says it’s important to honor one another.

Whoopi Goldberg was working at the theater and was living with her young daughter when she met her mentor. She got a call from Mike Nichols, producer of award winning shows such as The Graduate and Charlie Wilson’s War. She wrote a play that involved 6 different characters that showcased Whoopi’s acting skills. She was doing a one-man act and when Mike came to see her, he Whoopi’s performance felt “plugged in” with what he does. Mike thought, “Why not put it in Broadway?” And he did. Whoopi recalls the moment when she was with Paul Simon, who told Whoopi’s mother that Whoopi needs to enjoy all the success that’s happening in her life. Whoopi and Mike Nichols walk on memory lane, recalling the happiest moments in her career.

Now, it’s Joy’s proud moment to introduce her own mentor. She shares her life before she met her mentor as being the life everyone wanted her to have. After graduating college, she had a husband and a baby after. So, instead of pursuing her passion, she just follows her husband around as he follows his dreams. Then came Gloria Steinem marching into the 70’s with the feminine movement. She had a revolutionary call to women; a call that said women can have a dream. Having children and a husband is great, but there might be something more for you. So Joy started to work on herself and Gloria’s message gave her strength to get up on stage and begin her stand-up career. Fast forward to today; Joy pays tribute to her mentor, Gloria Steinem. Gloria says the strength to pursue our passion is all with us. She believes that each individual is unique and that nobody else can do what we can.

Indeed, our mentors had somewhat shaped us into the people that we are today. The ladies of The View pays tribute to their own mentors, giving their love and gratitude to the people who helped them achieve the success they enjoy today. We must take time to do the same for our own mentors. See you again tomorrow with another heart warming episode of The View!

Photo courtesy of The View.