The Doctors 3/20/12 Live Recap: Bathroom Break

Today in The Doctors, they talk about an important matter that we all take for granted: the bathroom. The bathroom is where good hygiene begins. Since we spend most of our time alone in this room, a lot of things can happen that may cause injury or death to someone who’s simply trying to clean up. Learn why your best health begins with the bathroom as we keep you informed about the latest doctor’s talk only here on Nerdles!

The Doctors receive a shower of questions as The Doctors answer some shower questions on today’s episode. First question: when is the best time to shower? If you’re answer is once a week, you are very wrong and very dirty! The answer is individual preference. Most of the doctors like their morning showers except for Dr. Travis, who likes his night showers. Next question: can dirty water enter private parts? Dr. Lisa answers that its safe to take baths as the vagina remains closed as long as you don’t force it to open, and so water can’t go in it. Our doctors says that hair fall in the shower is perfectly normal, but if you get handfuls of hair falling off then you should seek medical help. Further, the doctors says its not unhygienic to share bar soaps just as long as its lathered and washed well. Anything used to clean the body is just too personal for me to share!

Dr. Travis shares an astounding number on bathroom accidents. He shares that every year, there are an estimated 234,000 bathroom injuries that result in emergency room visits in the United States. He says that “It’s something that I see quite often, because when you’re in the bathroom, there are a lot of things that can cause you to injure yourself. It’s hot, it’s slippery, sometimes straining [on the toilet] can do damage.”

The Doctors discuss five common accidents that happen in the bathroom and how it can be avoided: 1) Slipping and falling in the bathroom. This can be avoided by using non-skid mats, installing grab bars near the shower, toilet and tubs, and to make sure that shower curtains are secure as this is the first thing most people hold on to. 2) Broken Glass – shower glass doors are sometimes hazardous as they can shatter and cause cuts and scratches. To avoid this mishap, we have to make sure that these glass doors are kept shut.

Next on the list is third-degree burns. Hot water, steam or objects cause scalding skin that needs medical treatment. To avoid this, water must first be tested before jumping in the shower and if burned, they advice running cold water on the affected area for 30 minutes without the use of ice, as ice compress can damage the tissues. 4) White surfaces are culprits for people who has poor vision. The combination of lights, white walls and counter tops, and reflective surfaces can cause disorientation and result to a trip or fall. Doctor’s advice: use a frosted light bulb and add color in the bathroom to reduce glare. Last problem that happens in the bathroom is passing out. a number of reasons, such as becoming light-headed during a hot shower as a result of heat-induced dilated blood vessels, and straining on the toilet. If constipation keeps you straining, you should seek medical help.

Dr. Rodriguez joins the show this time to answer some toilet questions we might have. The doctor says that post-meal bowel movements are perfectly normal as the brain signals the colon to clear the way as new stuff is coming in. Hemorrhoids are next, and Dr. Rodriguez explains the nature of hemorrhoids as being veins that push blood up to the body. If we strain and push down on these veins, it will cause swelling. Constipation and straining are causes of hemorrhoids to swell up. The key is to have a high-fiber diet and increase in water intake for softer stools and a healthier you!

Another hour of bathroom talk ends on The Doctors. Now we know there’s more to a bathroom than showers and toilets. Keep yourself healthy, clean and informed with the latest updates of The Doctors only here on Nerdles!

Photo courtesy of The Doctors.