The Revolution 3/20/12 Live Recap: Nail It!

Its time to give our nails a little more attention! The Revolution focuses on nails as Dr. Jen discusses common nail problems. Tim shares some spring nail fashion and Ty hammers on nails as he shows us a new way to store jewelry. Plus: Harley works out with the audience as he demonstrates simple exercises with major impact. This and so much more so keep it nailed only here on Nerdles!

Dr. Jen begins the show with three ladies with nail problems. First is Jerry, and she has weak, brittle, separating nails that used to affect her life. After she sought medical help, she found out she had Psoriatic Arthritis. Dr. Jen says nail splitting is a sign of Psoriasis. This can be treated with steroid injections or use topical creams like Jerry did. Next is Sherry, who’s complaining of brittle nails that peel off from the corners. Dr. Jen this might be a sign of a thyroid problem, or a common sign of aging. She says that as we old, nails lose its natural oils. A nail treatment of almond and butter oil mixture on the nails can help this problem. Lastly, Alice suffers from weak nails with vertical ridges. Dr. Jen says this may not indicate any health problems but horizontal ridges across the nail bed might be a sign of Melanoma. Dr. Jen’s advice: apply sunscreen on every part of your body and keep your eyes nailed to your nails for signs of health problems!

On a lighter note, Tim talks about nail fashion! He says that nail fashion is now a part of everyone’s over all look. Nail designer Candice Manacchio joins Tim to share with us the latest fun and flirty nail looks this spring. 41-year old Kelly doesn’t like getting a manicure because the color easily chips off. For her, Candice applies a basic, bright nail color which is in style this season. Drying it with UV light keeps its shine and keeps the color on nails for 14 days. 19-year old college student Bettina has no time or budget to get her nails done. But Tim convinces her give more attention to nails when Candice applies a checkerboard design on her nails. It looks so pretty and easy to do, ideal for people like Bettina who’s on a tight budget. Marie Elena loves to get manicures and does it once every two weeks. For her, a moon manicure can make nails look longer, making it a hot look for this season. And last is Veronica, who works as a receptionist and always has to make a good impression. For her, an Ombre shade is a beautiful look on her nails. Tim explains that Ombre shades are the “light to dark” and “dark to light” type of shading.

Tim and Ty are back with a different kind of nail, the one that involves the use of a hammer. Ty gives Tim a crash course on hammering, telling him to make bigger and fewer swings to hammer down a nail. Ty repurposes an old medicine cabinet to give it a second life. He picks out smaller nails, hammers it to the medicine cabinet to use as hooks. It’s a great way to store earrings and necklaces! Putting nails on a basic piece of furniture can also help spice it up.

Harley is back with 12 pumped up audiences who are ready to show three different workouts that can be done at home! It only takes a couple of dumbbells and 5 minutes to complete! First exercise is the basic squat. With dumbbells on each side of the body, lower down the butt then back to position. This tones the glutes and the thighs, making us burn more fats with the amount of muscle this exercise use. Next is the shoulder press. With one leg in front, raise your arms and back to tone the deltoid muscle. Now putting down one dumbbell, put the free hand’s fingertips on your head and go side to side, pointing your elbow to the ceiling and back. 10 repetitions and 3 sets of this circuit exercise can do wonders to your body. Harley shares that resistance training keeps metabolism at work even after workout. One last exercise is the shuffle side that can be done by bouncing side to side for 10 seconds. Harley’s constant reminder: listen to your body!

To end the show, Ty and Dr. Tiffanie talks about Hero Sarah Orr who already lost 7 inches on her 2nd month of revolution. However, Sarah has to face her problem with her mom. Her mother thinks she was the perfect mom, like every other mother in the world! Sarah’s mother is very critical on everything about her, especially with her weight and clothes. Sarah feels very uncomfortable with how her mother talks to her, and asks Dr. Tiffanie for help. Dr. Tiffanie asks Sarah’s mom what she feels about Sarah’s progress on her revolution, and her mother answers “I think she needs to lose a few more pounds.” She continues to bluntly express her opinions on Sarah’s choice of clothes. Dr. Tiffanie’s advice to Sarah is to refrain from seeking approval from her mom. That’s an idea for all sons and daughters out there!

The Revolution has nailed the deal on nails! Another show ends, leaving us aware and informed about nail problems, trends and usage. Come back tomorrow for more revolution only here on Nerdles!

Photo courtesy of The Revolution.