The Revolution 3/21/12 Live Recap: Baby Bues

Baby Blues is coming to you in today’s show of The Revolution! Today, Ty gets his hands dirty with changing diapers. Dr. Jen discusses postpartum changes with three new mothers. Dr. Tiffanie talks about postpartum depression while Harley talks about mood boosting foods. Tim talks about “The Mom’s” fashion show, plus more about Hero of the Week, Sarah Orr. Stay tuned with more baby talk only here on Nerdles!

The show begins with Ty being surrounded by babes! Yes, babies! He gets a crash course on diaper changing, giving the moms a scare as he keeps on forgetting to keep one hand on the baby. After Ty’s success on diaper changing, Dr. Jen goes on to talk about postpartum changes with three new moms: Jen, Jessica and Tricia.

Tricia shares that the biggest change she’s noticed on her body is a leaky bladder. It’s the small amount of urine that accidentally comes out when you sneeze, cough or even workout. Dr. Jen explains that after childbirth, the pelvic floor (the muscle that holds the organs, including the bladder) gets stretched causing some of the liquids to come out unexpectedly. Dr. Jen’s says that a simple 3 sets of 10 of the “Keigel Exercise” can help our pelvic floor to get back in shape. Jessica shares that sex life has been ‘okay’ after the baby is born. Dr. Jen says that after childbirth, women would definitely feel different emotionally and physically and this causes their sex drive to neutralize. Also, she shares that women who breastfeed have lower levels of estrogen that causes dryness. She reminds mothers that breast feeding does not assure 100% protection from another pregnancy so make sure you have double protection! Last new mom is Jen, who just gave birth to a 6-week old son. She’s noticed that her feet got bigger. Dr. Jen says this is caused by the hormone relaxine that’s secreted during pregnancy. All of these are common changes all moms share, but the reward of having a child makes it all worthwhile.

Back on the show, Dr. Tiffanie and Dr. Jen talks about postpartum depression. They say that this usually happens after the first baby is born. Mommy Angie joins that show today to share her experience with postpartum depression. She shares that she would isolate herself from her girl friends because she felt stuck taking care of a child while her friends live a fabulous life. And Dr. Jen shares her own experience of walking alone in the middle of the night, crying and balling because she felt stressed and didn’t know what to do. Dr. Tiffanie says that postpartum depression can begin 1-3 weeks after giving birth. The best advice is to seek medical help or get a support system that can understand the struggles you are experiencing. Dr. Tiffanie ends with a reminder for moms to be real with your feelings and ask for help and talk about it.

Back on the show, Harley is joined by Women’s Health Contributor Kerri Glassman, to share some foods we can eat to boost our moods! Omega-3 is especially important for postpartum moms in decreasing the mood of depression. It is found in salmon, avocado and nuts. Complex carbohydrates such as oats and wheats can give some moms some seratonin boost. Milk and dairy products help replenish lost calcium during pregnancy.

Now, Tim is with the Fashion Mom duo, Denise Albert and Melissa Gerstein. They are the talk of last week’s fashion week, and they say most moms doesn’t look like models so they thought of a way to help moms have their own comfortable yet fashionable clothes. Denise shares that this project is a celebration of motherhood and that ‘mothers do count in fashion’. In their mini fashion show in the studio, the fashion moms show their stylish collection and emphasize on having stretch jeans to bend and move around. They say that bright colors, accessories and good pairs of platforms can make moms feel pretty and fashionable while taking care of their kids. Tim encourages all moms to pay more attention to your fashion!

Now its time to say bye bye to those baby blues as The Revolution extends their help to make postpartum life a more happy one! Keep the blues away today and make sure to come back tomorrow with more help from The Revolution only here on Nerdles!

Photo courtesy of The Revolution.