American Idol 3/22/12 Live Blog: Billy Joel Eliminations

After taking on Billy Joel this week, the Idols face elimination night and it’s into to the Idol Hollywood Mansion or a ticket out of the competition.

The Top 10 Idols open today’s episode with an a cappella  of Billy Joel’s For the Longest Time (which I think is a high irony for the brief Idol episode this is going to be).

Hollie, Skylar and Elise takes center stage first. Hollie gets to be called ‘a sweet Diva caught in the headlights’ who may have lost her style in the material. Jimmy conferred that Skylar needed to be more creative and  even backs-up Randy in saying that her performance last night wasn’t her best. Elise gets a little positive spotlight this episode when Jennifer commends her for being right-on in extending her personality to the song. To my suprise… err… surprisingly, the three were voted safe, and become the first to get into the Hollywood Mansion.

Deandre gets tackled down by Joel, himself, because of being too jumpy, giddy and bouncy. Jimmy was extensively unimpressed by Deandre’s attack and seeming lack of knowledge of the material. Joshua, on the other hand, gets shot down for lacking the right energy. Jennifer says he was singing the song but “wasn’t” singing the song.” Turning this batch’ bad rating from Joel and the judges is all time favorite Jessica, who Steve commended was first in line when God handed out vocal cords.

Deandre is first in the bottom three.

Colton gets positive remarks from the judges for his moving performance and Billy Joel, himself,  joins the positivity. Philip gets criticized for his wardrobe while Erika gets all praise for her new short black hair. Heejun gets bitten by his unconventional performance of a more serious song.

Heejun and Erika (another BIG SURPRISE considering her performance last night), joins Deandre in the bottom three.

The night ends tragically (for me, at least) as Erika turns out to be voted bottom of the heap. She gets her ticket out of the competition when the judges refuse to save her. Such a shame losing a great vocal talent on Idol *sigh*.

Guest stars for this episode include Lana del Rey and former idol contestant, Hailey Reinhart. Aerosmith’s lead guitarist, Joe Perry, also surprises Steve for his upcoming birthday this weekend. Happy birthday Steve!

Photo courtesy of American Idol.