Saturday Night Live 3/24/12 Live Recap: Anna Faris

It’s a whole hudge-pudge of fun as Anna Faris hosts tonight’s episode of Saturday Nght Live! Drake performs and also joins the fun.

The star of the all-time favorite parody/comedy movie Scary Movie hhosts tonight episode of Saturday Night Live and it’s nothing short of Anna Faris and her signature comic acting. Anna infects the SNL atmosphere as she stars in the segment What’s “Wrong With Tanya? ” So what’s wrong with Tanya? Nothing, really.¬†She died.

Drake also gets jump into the SNL madness in the segment A Brief Interview with Drake which gets cut in a matter of 10 seconds. He also stars in a A Close Interview with Drake where Drake gets a close up of his mouth and ears while being interviewed. You can imagine how the other interviews, A Dark Interview with Drake, A Racist Interview with Drake and A Sarcastic Interview with Drake, went on.

Primary elections candidates gets parodied in a “re-enactment” of the election debate. “Romney” gets accused of not being liked by Repulicans and defends himself by saying that Republicans just want to exhaust their options. “Cain” compares himself to a pizza and “Perry” compares himsef to salad. “Paul” gets kidnapped… but he manages to escape his kidnappers. “Gingrich” and “Bachmann” gets accused of wasting America’s time… and yeah… they nod to it.

SNL goes news and current affairs with Seth Myers. Seth reports that Romney has been accused of being inconsistent. Romney replies that this accusation is absolutely false… and absolutely true. The Republican Debate also gets a spotlight. It was compared to a boring poker game or a seance. A new security program has was also reported. Authorities are now to arrest anyone who says that their long term destination is to be with Allah (ugh, racist jokes). Anthony Crispino joins Seth and didn’t contribute anything real fun except his mistaken second-hand news.

Anna Faris also stars in segments of a poorly adapted musical narrating the dating process (and how it ends in getting pregnant and getting married), JPOP appreciation (where she guests as an Anime collector), and a seeming junkie who has a fetish for weird men next to Ferrari cars. Nikki Minaj also joins the Drake in performing for SNL.

Photo courtesy of Saturday Night Live.