Celebrity Apprentice 3/25/12 Live Blog: Crystal Light

The Forte team is still recovering from losing Tia and half of them have put on an ice-cold barrier against each other but our celebrities  just don’t get a break from being an apprentice.

In today’s episode of Celebrity Apprentice, our celebrities work on hosting a launching party for Crystal Light and their new flavors, Pomtini and Peach Bellini. The executives of Crystal Light wanted a “sassy, vibrant and fun” branding and team Forte and Unanimous are hot on their tracks in  incorporating those in their party themes. This week’s task is to be judged by Crystal Light’s executives based on the parties’ creativity, brand messaging, and overall party atmosphere .

Team Forte selects Aubrey as their project manager; and they take on the Pomtini flavor. Aubrey instantly comes up with a Garden of Eden party theme; only now, the forbidden fruit becomes the pomengranate. Aubrey and Lisa steer the group with Teresa but Patricia just doesn’t seem to want a part of the action. Patricia takes care of the design and branding and puts up a visible coldness between her, Aubrey and Lisa.  Team Forte pulls of with an elegant, modern Garden of Eden set-up with poster sized pictures of garden plants aligned with chic furniture.

Team Unanimous takes on the Peach flavor and amidst not having any party experience, the boys take on a beach theme for their party. The guys start to get a little worried because they suddenly find out that none of them are actually party-goers. Clay and Penn gets some tension but Penn works it out by doing his part and more. Come party-time, the guys manage to put on a beach-inspired party. Unanimous gets a little nervous when it seems that the party is missing some people but gets comforted just as easily as the bodies they called poured in in an instant

In the Board Room, both teams express that each has grown stronger than before. This is amidst Patricia’s cold wall between Aubrey and Lisa, and Clay’s apparent avoidance of Penn.

Aubrey and Forte gets her hearts broken as Mr. Trump finally announces that the girls, again, lost to the boys’ beach party. Patricia, Dayana and Aubrey faces the possibility of getting fired.

Patricia gets fired from the competition because of her accountability on the Crystal Lights logo that seemed subordinate to the pomtini branding.

Photo courtesy of Celebrity Apprentice.


  1. Laura says

    I think the womens team should have won based on Debbie Gibsons song. My 9 year old daughter started singing it right after the show was over, and continued to sing it the next day. The mens team did a great job too, but next time we go to the grocery store and my daughter see’s crystal light guess what I am going to have to do? yes, I’m going to have to buy it for her, and she will be singing that song while drinking it, I’m sure!! all because of that damn annoying song! annoying, but memrable!

    • says

      I agree with you there, Laura. In fact I’ve got the melody too stuck in my head I was whistling it the other day! But I guess the executives of Crystal Light judged solely on the party. I felt bad that Patricia had to go, too :( Sending one of the boys home couldn’t have hurt their team, you know? hahaha