CSI: Miami 3/25/12 Live Recap: Old Adversary

In today’s episode, Horatio uncovers a corruption scandal that has him facing an old adversary once again. Meanwhile, Calleigh is faced with a decision she must make that could change her life. Stay tuned for another crime-busting show only here on Nerdles!

The show starts in a club, where a lady in a white dress was asking for help as she struggles for air. The following day, a man finds the same girl lying under his car while he tries to get out of his parking slot. Minutes later, Horatio and his team are in the scene, with Detective Frank suggesting that the victim was poisoned even before she was dumped on the side street.

Now, Agent Calleigh and Delko are in the club, not to party but to find witnesses and evidence that might lead them to the killer. The manager is being questioned, and he shares that the victim, Denise, was hunched over, sick. Another victim is sick with the same poison that killed Denise, and now the investigators are questioning the witness. A possible serial killer might be roaming the streets again!

Detective Frank finds the second victim in an abandoned warehouse. Tall woman, dressed in all black was sitting down and crying, asking for his help. Turns out, this woman is the hired killer who was paid to put poison on Denise’s eye drops. Detective Frank concludes that the victim wasn’t random at all, because the professional killer was paid a lot of money to have Denise killed.

Back on the show, Agent Natalie and Agent Delko are in the victim’s apartment, where Agent Delko finds a draft of an article the victim was working on. They continue to search the apartment and they find a blue dress with dried semen on it.

In the lab, Agent Calleigh and Delko get a little romantic as they talk about Calleigh’s kids, and about marriage. Their talk quickly ended when Agent Calleigh stood up, saying she has to go. Meanwhile, Agent Natalie dissects the blue dress, and once she found the results, she called Horatio right away. Turns out, Denise was writing a story about a political figure. She was writing a profile about him, and he says she was ‘shadowing’ him. Horatio comes to face-to-face with the suspect’s lawyer, who happens to be Horatio’s old nemesis. Agent Delko was thrown under the bus when he was asked how he handled the evidence. There was a domestic dispute on the hallway of the victim’s apartment, causing him to leave the evidence unattended, and the defense to dispute the case based on ‘unattended evidence’.

Agent Natalie continues to look through evidence they found in the apartment. An article written on short-hand says “powered to the local union building, out Thursday night”. The agents found a link between the club owner and councilman Stafford, when the club owner shot someone, and the councilman had the street asphalted to cover the club owner’s crime scene. The agents look through the list of Vogul’s clients, and Agent Delko found the man who was in the domestic dispute earlier that day, causing him to leave the evidence.

Vogul’s co-council, Ms. Wade, takes the fall and confesses to blackmailing her clients, and confessing to having Denise killed by hiring the killer. As the case unfolds, it is shown that the Assistant State Attorney had something to do with tampering the evidence.The show ends with a triumphant Vogul with the Assistant State Attorney enjoying a glass of brandy.

Come back next week to find out what happens between Horatio and Vogul, only here on Nerdles!

Photo courtesy of CSI: Miami.