The Revolution 3/26/12 Live Recap: Time for Action

Its time for action as The Revolution begins this week with the lovely guest co-host, Toni Braxton. Harley starts off his week-long celebrity fitness series with exercises to get Lady Gaga’s abs. Also, the hottest trends in shoes and more, so stay tuned only here on Nerdles!

The show begins with the three T’s: Toni, Tim and Ty. Spring fashion and new beginnings come to mind this time of the year, so this week is all about fresh starts. All this week, Harley will talk about celebrity body parts and how we can get them! Harley studied exercise and physiological sciences to gain knowledge on fitness and body building. He started being a trainer for the stars when he got a call from Hollywood to work on big names such as Robert Downey, Jr., Penelope Cruz and Haley Berry. Now, he gives us some exercises that he does with Lady Gaga to get the same mid-section she has. First workout is the double crunch that focuses on the mid-section of the abs. Next exercise focuses on the love handles, called the side crunches. The trunk twist is next and this strengthens the corset. Harley says 3 sets of 20 repetitions twice a week will bring tremendous results. Time to get into action, guys!

Now, the dynamic duo of “Interior Therapy” joins Tim and Toni to discuss some interior decorating tips to help us to spring into action with our spring cleaning. Jeff Lewis and Jenni Pulos sit down with the hosts, where they share how the episode gets crazier and crazier as they move-in with a family for five days while helping them with their homes. Jeff says he started gaining weight as he continues to live with different families, sharing how stressful it is to share problems with families in their homes. They say that at times, they feel the energy of the home, and they feel whether it’s a happy or gloomy home.

Back on the show, Toni and Tim talk about shoes, and their love for it! 3 spring shoe trends chosen by Macy’s are discussed by the duo, starting with metallic strappy heels. Toni says a gladiator inspired strap sandals should be worn with a dress, but Tim makes a better suggestion by wearing this pair with your day wear. Metallics are first on trends for this season, whether day or night time. Next, wedges are the next trend for this season. These shoes are usually worn with a dainty dress, but the model came out and paired it shorts and a bright top, which makes it a great look for this season. Last spring trend is ‘color blocking’, which is the bands of color that all work together. Usually, colorful sandals would be paired with a plain dress, but the model came out and paired it with a floral dress that looks fresh and hot.

Now, Birke Baerh joins Ty and Toni, advocating organic foods and eating healthy. He shares that he doesn’t drink soda and takes iced tea or a cool aid instead. He spoke in a conference in Ashville, and he shares it was his first time to speak in public. He says it feels great that words came out naturally and be able to deliver a wonderful message to everyone.

That’s it for The Revolution! Now, its time to get up and get moving! This season is the best time for action! Make sure to come back for tomorrow’s interesting show of The Revolution only here on Nerdles!

Photo courtesy of The Revolution.