Body of Proof 3/27/12 Live Recap: Bio-terrorism

Peter’s girlfriend, Dani, gets checked-out by a guy in the bar and dies a few minutes later after being hit by an SUV. She suffers from a ¬†seizure and bleed and the team suspects that these were caused by a drug that the guy put in her drink. This becomes ruled out, however, after the suspect gets the same symptoms, along with 22 others.

Megan and the team gets surprised when CDC steps into the scene after Kate goes behind their back by calling in disease control. Megan gets kicked off the case but only until she convinces the project in-charge to get her and her team back in the case. With Dani’s death, the team gets a boost to try their best to determine the link between the growing epidemic and sooner finds out that this is no menial task.

CDC itself is having a hard time determining the link between the now 26 (and growing) victims. The hunt for patient 0 (the first to have acquired the disease), proves to be an almost impossible task.

A few hours into the case, Youtube flags and forwards CDC an uploaded video that posts an eco-terrorism threat against the people of Philadelphia. Megan and CDC are able presents the FBI with a possible bacterial infection that causes meningitis. The investigating body decides to announce the unconfirmed cause of the outbreak and Megan gets pissed off when the theory proves to be false. Megan and CDC ends up clueless again since the cause of death of the now 36 casualties showed no conclusive pattern or cause. Megan sooner rules out any possibility that the virus could be air born.

Meanwhile, Kate (almost stupidly and conveniently) pokes herself with a needle that she used to stitch up a casualty of the virus. She gets alarmed when Megan forwards a theory that the only way to contract the disease is via blood contact/transfusion.

The Youtube video of the terrorist proves to be really useful after investigators deduce the where the terrorist made the video tape. Peter recognizes that the terrorist himself is sick and the team agrees that the suspect is Patient 0, himself.

Kate starts to step into the game and becomes the new face the public sees for disease control. However, she collapses in the middle of a live interview. The disease has started to take its toll on her.

Today’s episode puts back the excitement in Body of Proof. I don’t know about you guys but I’m definitely excited for next week’s episode now that Dani is dead and Kate struggles to keep the disease from taking her life!

Stay tuned for next week’s review of Body of Proof as our team tries to tackle down the terrorist and struggles to find the cure for the outbreak

Photo courtesy of Body of Proof.