The Revolution 3/28/12 Live Recap: Glamorous Inspirations

Another inspiring show of The Revolution awaits you with guest co-host Toni Braxton. And, 10-year-old Cody McCasland shares his own inspiring story. The show is packed with Harley’s week-long celebrity fitness series and more, so stay tuned, and inspired with The Revolution, only here on Nerdles!

The three T’s begin the show. That’s Toni, Ty and our favorite fashion guru, Tim Gunn! Tim compliments Toni for being “a fabulous citizen of the world” which he found out while spending a week with her in the show. Now, Harley is going to show us how to get a rear like the foxy Megan Fox, and Toni joins him for a step-by-step demonstration. Harley starts with the first exercise, which is the “skater lunges”. It is like a reverse lunge with your back leg crossing to the other side of your body. This can work both the thighs and the butt, which are both big, big problem areas for most women out there! Next move is the “step up”. With one foot up in a step, you lift your body using the free leg, and back and forth to position. This exercise not only tones your butt but works as a cardio workout as well. Last exercise is the “single weight dead lift”. With one leg straight back, you tilt your body forward, and extend the leg as far as it can go, then back down to the ground. Harley says that balance might be a problem with this workout, so doing it by the wall or anything you can hold on to, would be really helpful. Repeat all these moves on both legs 20 times, 3 sets, 3 times a week will make our behinds firmer and bikini-ready!

Aside from the weight-loss inspiration from Harley, Cody McCasland joins the show to share his inspirational story of how he continues his life even though he doesn’t have legs. He shares that he was born with missing shins on his legs, and after 19 months, the doctors operated on him to amputate his legs. Now, he uses 3 prosthetic legs to live a normal life, and even use one of his legs for competing at track and field! His mom is in the audience, and is very proud because his son has helped to inspire other people with his positive attitude. To motivate more people, he goes to different army hospitals and talk to soldiers who are suffering with their own incapacities. He dreams of being an anesthesiologist one day, to be able to help others to go through the same things that are happening to him now with his numerous visits at the hospital. For people suffering from their own personal difference, his advice: “Don’t give up and do everything you can”! So there’s no excuse for failure, guys! If a ten year old kid can do it, so can we!

Now, top celebrity stylist joins Tim and Toni to share how to dress and to look like an A-list star. June Ambrose is the author of “Effortless Style”, and she shares how she does her styling for her celebrity clients. She says she encourages them to get out of the box, and not to be afraid to try new things. The term “glamo-flage” was coined by June, which means camouflaging body imperfections through clothes, and glamour! First, she shares that kimono sleeves camouflage big arms, and also, helps women feel more glamorous with the flowy effect this top has.

Back on the show, June continues her “glamo-flage” looks, with ways on how to cover up the stomach. She says that a loose-fitting top can take away emphasis from that bulging belly. Also, color blocking is important, like how wearing the color black can immediately shed pounds off.

Now, the Harris sisters are back to show us some workouts they do at home, without having to go to the gym! They did a music video, where they share some tips, like talking long walks, working out in the kitchen and throwing away unhealthy food. The soul sisters show their rap skills and home exercises they do to stay in shape.

Another inspiring show ends with The Revolution, but make sure to stay in action. Come back tomorrow for more of The Revolution only here on Nerdles!

Photo courtesy of The Revolution.