The View 3/28/12 Live Recap: Hot Topics and More

In today’s show, rapper-turned-actor 50 Cent is dropping by for a chat with the ladies. And, the ladies will discuss some tips on how to extend eyelashes. More girl talk and Hot Topics awaits you, so make sure to stay tuned only here on Nerdles!

The show begins with Sherri’s latest “Dancing with the Stars” experience. She shares her everyday training that lasts for 3-4 hours a day. She compares with club dancing, saying that it’s a totally different experience. Whoopi and the other girls agree, saying that every little detail is important and can make a difference in judge scoring. Moving on, Whoopi shares that a magazine survey shows that when men say “I love you”, it’s mostly accidentally half of the time. 23% of men say they were drunk, while the others are having great sex when it slipped their mouth.

Next, a Tourette’s patient is suing a local theater for not allowing him to bring outside snacks in the cinema. He says the theater charges three times the price of food you would get in the grocery. Joy agrees with this policy because she thinks the trash in the cinema can attract rodents and can crawl up to people. Whoopi is disagreeing with this policy, saying it would be wrong to charge over-priced cinema food to kids.

Back on the show, 50 Cent sits down with the ladies to talk about his latest projects. One of his many entrepreneurial ventures is his latest book, “Playground”. It’s about an on-going trend of bullying that is most popular with younger people. He says this issue is relevant to him because his son is now 15 years old. Also, his “Street by 50” earphones are out in stores now, so grab a pair for you, too! Because everyone in the audience will be going home with one!

Now, “Fashion Friday” is back with the internationally-known designer, Vera Wang! She shares the latest trends on bridal wear that will want you to get married a hundred times over! She shares her latest Harper Bazaar photographs featured in this month’s magazine. She’s in heels and a bustier bathing suit, and looking extremely hot! She says she’s thinking of getting a place in LA because of her many projects in the red carpet. Ahh, the glamorous life!

Now, a video clip of her latest bridal gown collection, that didn’t include one single white dress! Bizarrely, all her wedding gowns were black! Looks like it’s a dress for lamenting, which somehow makes sense, right? Anyway, her first dress comes walking down the runway, looking like a black widow dress. An ivory colored dress is covered with black lace, giving it a dramatic feel that may be appropriate for a wedding dress. Next, a mixture of nude and black tube gown with puffy bottom dress comes out. Her clean cuts and use of lace looks all so romantic, making it a bride’s fantasy gown.

Back on the show, The View’s make up artist talk about eyelash extensions and how it brightens up eyes and make a huge difference. She says it’s an instant make up application, minus the application! It’s relatively inexpensive because even if you don’t apply make up, it would seem that you have some on. Another product is “Revitalash Advanced”, it’s an eyelash grower that is prescribed to stimulate growth in eyelash hair. Another product that can help extend eyelashes is mascara!

That’s it for today’s show! Be sure to come back tomorrow for up-to-date topics in The View only here on Nerdles!

Photo courtesy of The View.