American Idol 3/29/12 Live Blog: Top 9 Eliminations

Top 9 Idols face elimination today after making the judges give them FIVE standing ovations in their awesome performances last night.

Today’s episode opens with a surprise as Eric Benet walks-in the Idol set to meet-and-greet Deandre, who sang Benet’s Sometimes I Cry, and other members of the top 9. I swear I thought Deandre burst into tears, but who wouldn’t if you met an icon like Benet? We also get a glimpse of idols’ Hollywood life in the Idol Mansion until Ryan starts to pump the heat by calling in Elise, Phillip, and Hollie into the spotlight.

Elise and Phillip gets all praises from the judges for their rock star quality performances. Hollie, on the other hand, didn’t impress much of the judges (just Randy, actually) and gets some constructive criticism from Jimmy. As expected, Hollie is the first to be  in the bottom three.

Breaking the tension (or building it up more with her her wardrobe!) is Nikki Minaj who performs her single, Starship, from her new album to be released next week. If she were an Idol contender, the judges would have surely made a comment on her revealing dress which could have easily caused some unwanted chest exposure with some strenuous dance step.

Colton, Joshua and Heejun takes center stage next. Colton and Joshua takes a bullet from Jimmy for breaking down in the end and the middle of their performances, respectively. Heejun gets the harshest comment among the three after Jimmy tells him he doesn’t sing as well as the other contenders at this point of the competition, and he didn’t mean it positively. Heejun joins Hollie in the bottom three.

Season 10’s Scotty McCreery visits the Idol stage again and sings his new single, Water Tower Town.

After Scotty’s intermission, Skylar, Dreandre and Jessica goes to centerstage. Jimmy thought Skylar had to strike a balance between attitude and melody in her songs, while Deandre gets more positive comments. Jessica received better comments, as always, amidst Jimmy’s admitted notice of her flawed performance of Beyonce’s Sweet Dreams. America agrees with Jimmy and Skylar joins Hollie and Heejun in the bottom three.

Just as Skylar was getting the hang of being in the bottom three, Ryan sends her back to the couch. Hollie follows Skylar, and Heejun takes his last bow on the Idol stage. I thought the judges will be saving Heejun but when Steven starts with “you knew this was coming,” I knew it was  just too early for some judge power in the show.

Photo courtesy of American Idol.