The Mentalist 3/29/12 Live Recap: Magic Show

Jane and CBI investigates the death of a casino security guard and coincidentally bumps into a magician who used to run with him in tours.

Lisbon and Jane goes into a casino to investigate the death of Stefano, a casino security guard who was found murdered in the middle of the road. Speculations lead CBI to doubt the casino owner and the security in-charge as perpetrators to the crime. Meanwhile, Jane bumps into an old friend, Jack, who was doing magic shows in the same casino. It is revealed that Jane used to run around magic shows tours with Jack .

When the casino owner comes clean of ┬áStefano’s death, CBI gets on the lead with a girl named Holly. She was the last girl who Stefano was with and was the only one who might have been capable of the murder.

Using his impeccable deduction skills, Jane starts to probe Jack and make an apparent connection between him and Holly. As it turns out, Jack is Holly’s boyfriend and Stefano was a suitor, desperate for Holly’s affections. Jane also makes Jack confess that Holly was kidnapped and that the kidnapper was asking for the money inside the casino vault as ransom for Holly. Jack further reveals that his team will most likely not able to rob the vault because casino security checks on the vault every five minutes; while he can unlock the combination to the vault in a matter of six minutes.

Jane promises to help him and lays out a plan that allows Jack to be in a magic show (for alibi) while they pull off the vault robbery. Jane’s ingenious idea of using a foil mirror succeeds and they are able to successfully rob the vault. They create a hiding spot concealed by a camouflage of the room which contains the casino vault.

All the while, Jane has tipped of his friends at CBI of the robbery heist and promises them that the killer will soon be revealed. The CBI agents go along with his plan.

Jack delivers the whole money, stacked in a big safe to the kidnapper and is shocked to see that Trish, his assistant in his magic shows is behind Holly’s kidnapping. Trish threatens to kill all three of them to make sure no one can ID her. Just when she was about to pull the trigger, Rigsby jumps out of the safe that was thought to contain the robbed money. Trish gets arrested and confesses to the murder of Stefano and plotting Holly’s kidnapping. Trish was apparently jealous of Jack’s relationship with Holly and wanted to get even; even though she says it was purely about the money (her talkative mouth and expressive eyes gave here) away *wink wink*)

Photo courtesy of The Mentalist.