The Revolution 3/29/12 Live Recap: Braxton Sisters

A very interesting show awaits you in The Revolution. Why? Because Toni Braxton sits down with her sisters and maybe, spill the beans on each other! Plus: Harley continues his week-long celebrity workouts with Toni and her fabulous sisters! Today, Harley shows us how to get Katy Perry’s chest! A lot more on your way so keep it here only on Nerdles!

The Braxton sisters are all in today as The Revolution says farewell to the week-long co-host, Toni Braxton! Everyone just loves having Toni on the show! But seeing her with her sisters is so hilarious! They are constantly bickering at each other, and once the talking starts, it never stops! They talk about every girl’s favorite topic: fashion! And boy did they talk! Toni’s youngest sister Tamar, shares how she likes mixing her outfits around, saying that her clothes doesn’t necessarily have to be expensive. They show Toni’s fashion “oopsie!” wearing an overall jean jumpsuit with white short-sleeved shirt. She retorts by saying she was 12 years old when the photo was taken and that she was still young and was not concerned with fashion. Another “oopsie!” is Traci’s cowboy boots. Traci is the second eldest among the 5 sisters, followed by Towanda, Trina and Tamar. Of course, the eldest, and should I say, the wisest (?) of them all, is the lovely co-host Toni Braxton.

They say that the trouble-maker of the family is Tamar because she always gets away with a lot of mischeviousness. Tamar admits she needs to work on holding back on things to say to her sisters, and should learn not to say things to them as they might get hurt. Now, co-host Toni will go through a short quiz to determine how well she knows her sisters. Tim will read out a quote and Toni should identify who from her sisters said it. Some qoutes include: “I know mommy said no strippers, but strippers are traditional for a bachelorette party”, which was beautifully said by Traci. “You cannot powder away what a botox can fix”, said by youngest sister Tamar.

The sisters tamed down for a few seconds when they start talking about working on an album all together. Toni’s album is out in the market now, so you might want to go ahead and grab one! While her youngest sister, Tamar, is thinking about recording a solo album. This discussion ends with all of them deciding on the possibility of recording a Christmas album together. Big sister Toni comments by advising her sisters to do whatever makes them feel happy. Spoken like a wise sister!

Traci talks about her marital problems, while Tamar talks about her husband’s successful recovery from 7 pulmonary embolisms! Tamar shares that her husband is in his 3-month check up and is coming along really well, even losing 50 pounds! Towanda hears it from her sisters when she shares that her husband is a self-published author who is going around the country to promote his book! She seems really proud, but the sisters think being an author is not a real job! Wow, sisters can be really harsh!

HAVE YOU HEARD THE LATEST GOSSIP? The sisters are talking about Toni and her date, comedian Eddie Murphy! Yes, they are rumored to be seeing each other. But Toni commented on it by unanimously saying “could be, could be not!” with her sisters. Tamar says she would like to hook Toni up with Will Smith, and then she remembers he’s married. Another option could be George Clooney, although Toni says she doesn’t know if George plays outside at night. What an interesting way to put it!

Back on the show, the sisters join Harley in his week-long celebrity workout series, and today, we will get Katy Perry’s chest! First exercise (with weights): with your butt pushed out and your back extended, push your elbows to the ceiling and punch it back down. Another workout to get Katy’s chest: lay flat on the floor, and with extended legs and arms, raise your extremities up and down. Doing this several times a week will give you results! With the sisters concerned with their short skirts and messy do’s, Harley’s workout became an ab workout! They are funny!

Now, Ty does “Random Acts of Kindness” as he heads out to the streets to give out yellow roses to strangers walking by. All those who received this flower we’re all smiles and were passing it on to different strangers as well. Next story is about a 36 year old woman who was in a bad marriage, taking care of 2 kids. But now, at 43, she’s the oldest cheerleader in the NFL! She’s the author of “Its All About Pom Pom”, and a very proud and sexy Linda Vikmanis steps out from backstage! Her story is so inspiring because after 16 years of bad marriage, she decided to leave him and pursue her passion. She actually sat down and thought about what would make her happy: dancing. And that’s what she did! You can read her story on her book so make sure you grab a copy for yourself!

A lot of things happened in The Revolution! I can only imagine what it feels like in the Braxton dinner table! And an inspirational story of a 43 year old professional cheerleader! So make your own revolution, but be sure to keep on coming back for more inspiring stories of The Revolution only here on Nerdles!

Photo courtesy of The Revolution.