The View 3/29/12 Live Recap: Men and Moms

The View has another guest co-host! “Modern Family”’s Jesse Tyler Ferguson hosts with the ladies. Plus: Tyler Perry and the cast of “Dance Moms” are dropping by as well! This and so much more so make sure to keep it locked in only here on Nerdles!

The show begins with Jesse Tyler Ferguson sitting in for Barbara Walters. He talks about his interview with The Barbara Walters Show, talking about being picked to be in Barbara’s 10 Most Fascinating People. Now, they talk about reality TV shows, with Jesse Tyler Ferguson saying that “it’s mindless TV” which he says “we all need”. Moving on, a father answers back to her complaining daughter who wants to get paid for all the chores her parents are making her do. A video titled “Facebook Parenting for Troubled Teens” gets millions of hits, where this teen’s father shoots at her laptop for posting her complaints on Facebook. Sherri is concerned when she read out a post from the teenage girl, and the teenager says she has to do all these chores until 10 at night and get up early the following day. Well, there are two sides of the story, of course. Just make sure to put the gun away and settle family issues in a civilized manner, especially in front of the kids, and that’s my take on it!

Back on the show, a “Gay Bill” brewing up in Tennessee stirs up the discussion on the table. Jesse thinks it’s completely ridiculous, especially since his show, “Modern Family” makes people aware that gay people exists. He says that it would be acceptable if people would choose not to talk about homosexuality in school, but to make a bill about it is just too much. Sherri says she wants to be able to teach sexuality to her kids at home rather than learning all about it in school. To me, individuality is very important, and we can’t expect everyone to conform to the norms. But the most important thing is the support, acceptance and love the whole family can give to one another.

Now, testosterone is flowing all over the stage as Tyler Perry joins the ladies and guest co-host, Jesse Tyler Ferguson. He talks about his new movie, “The Marriage Counselor”. He shares how Kim Kardashian was casted for a role in the film, which is something he didn’t expect too! Kim’s marriage and early divorce is just a hilarious coincidence, but he says she was not casted based on the status of her love life. He shares another experience about this time when he went to a job interview and was told that he never finishes anything. Now, because of that moment, he keeps his motivation to finish everything. Good for you, Tyler! That’s a good thought to ponder on, don’t you think?

Back on the show, a video clip from “Dance Moms” with Abby Lee Miller as the dance coach is played on the screen. It is full of shouting, yelling and bickering that could just tear your ear off! And take note, they work with 5 year old girls. Sherri shares that people have strong reactions towards Abby. But she doesn’t feel anything about it at all because they’ve had strong reactions with her for 30 years now. Even though we see her yell at these kids, she shares how she treats them like they’re her own. She started her dance company as a choreographer at the young age of 14, and that may explain her cut-throat methods of teaching. Sherri pushes a sensitive button when she asks Abby why she told one child “your mom doesn’t love you because she can’t make it to your show today”. Abby explains that this outburst is caused by her frustrations on parents who sign and agree to be present in each of their kids’ shows but fails to follow through. Someone please tell Abby to take a chill pill, please!

The show ends with a beautiful dance number from the “Dance Mom” kids, showing off their talents and Abby’s amazing choreography skills. In the end, its all about love and passion for who you are and what you do! Another sizzling show ends with men and moms, a combination that causes the table to set on fire! Come back tomorrow for more of The View’s live updates only here on Nerdles!

Photo courtesy of The View.