CSI: NY 3/30/12 Live Recap:

A female technician in the CSI: NY team’s laboratory is murdered with a spine-chilling similarity to a 1950’s homicide.

Jessica Drake was found murdered on the porch of an apartment after a photo was sent to the CSI: NY team’s mobile phones. Mac investigates the murder and finds a striking similarity to the murdered lab technician’s murder and Lana Gregory’s murder which occurred more than 50 years ago. Autopsy and evidences confirm a similarity in the shape of the murder weapon, and location of crime. The more spine-chilling similarity is that the victims both had heterochroma — an eye condition where an individual has two different eye colors.

Mac and the team goes in pursuit of Harlan Porter, also a technician in the CSI: NY who has worked with Jessica. The team’s suspicion of Harlan stems from Harlan’s emotional attachment to Jessica. Kim, Jessica’s best friend, reports that Harlan’s attachment was not reciprocated. Harlan also had a dissertation on the Lana Gregory case, furthering suspicions that he committed the murder. She also reported that Harlan compared Jessica with Lana Gregory.

Harlan gets off the hook, however, when the team finds out that his alibi was valid. Kim, on the other hand, became implicated when foot prints in the snow reveal that a woman most likely did the crime. The original murder weapon from the Lana Gregory murder was also found in her apartment. Her motives were linked to the two Criminologist position openings. Kim felt threatened by Jessica and premeditated a way to eliminate competition.

Photo courtesy of CSI: NY.