Anderson 4/02/12 Live Recap: Janet Jackson

In today’s show, Anderson is sitting down with the five-time Grammy-winning recording artist and actress, Janet Jackson. She talks about her career, personal life, and her life-long struggle with her weight and self-esteem. She’ll be in the show with an hour-long daytime exclusive so be sure to stick around only here on Nerdles!

The show begins with Janet’s life-long career rail road, starting with her 1984 break out album that sold 8 million copies. Then, she starred in numerous films such as “Poetic Justice” and “Nutty Professor 2”. In 2004, she faced public scrutiny because of a wardrobe malfunction while performing in the superbowl. In 2009, she faced another struggle in her life with the death of her brother, Michael Jackson. Now, she’s in another height of her career with her new book “True You”. Janet brought excitement in the room, even Anderson was all smiles when she came out from backstage.

Anderson shares how he felt he knew Janet because they were born the same time. He shares his fondness for “Good Times” and how he thought her performance in SNL of “That’s the Way Love goes” was the sexiest performance ever. Yes, Anderson’s a fan, alright! Now, on to more serious issues, they talk about Whitney’s recent death. Janet says she couldn’t believe what happened, sharing that she was at home when she found out. She says she was watching TV and started texting everyone she knew to let them know. Her death was truly shocking and heart-wrenching to the music industry and to the whole world too.

Back on the show, a clip from her latest film, “Why Did I Get Married?” where she was smashing furniture and screaming her lungs out. And her performance was amazing, of course. She shares how she loves everything she’s doing, from singing to acting, and even during the time she went to school. She shares her life when she was 18, struggling with drugs and addiction. She says it was very difficult, but she met an anonymous man who helped her change her life. Now, she talks about her weight issues. She’s an endorser for Nutrisystem, where she loves how the food is very delicious.

Now, members of the “Janet Jackson cover group” are on stage for a dance number, and to share their love for Janet Jackson. While performing, they get a surprise of a life-time: Janet Jackson! They didn’t know she was there, and so Janet crept up behind them and surprised them! Now, they head on to share some healthy dishes she eats, with the help of her chef consultant, Andre Carthen. Chef Andre starts with breakfast, with a glass of shake and a drizzle of a chocolate t start the day. Top 5 foods that Chef Andre would recommend are: olive oil, avocado, leafy green vegetable, fresh fruit and nuts.

Another show ends with Anderson, but be sure to come back tomorrow for more informative, inspirational stories in Anderson, only here on Nerdles!

Photo coourtesy of Anderson.


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    I love Janet Jackson. I just have not heard of her though for a long time. Now, this is a real comeback – a movie, a book and an endorsement? Big entrance!

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      Hi, Irene! Yes I totally agree with you! Not only is she talented and brave, but she seems to be super humble, too! And humility is a trait that’s hard to find in most award-winning stars. She really is an inspiration.

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    While reading this, one of my favorite songs of Janet started playing in my mind but I can’t remember the title. Love her more than MJ.:)

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      Hey Blanca! I know, its hard to remember the titles of her hit songs because there’s just so many of them! She has 34 tracks on her 2009 greatest hits compilation, ‘Number Ones’. And that says a lot about her music! Thanks for sharing!

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    Awwww… love Janet Jackson too! I grew up listening and dancing to all of her songs. She is an inspiration, especially after what she’s been through all her life.