Dancing with the Stars 4/02/12 Live Recap: A Dance of their Choice

In today’s Dancing with the Stars, contestants in the show will dance using a style of their choosing. Not only will they get to dance with the song of their choice, they get to dance a routine they pick. Their dances will be based on their personal unforgettable experience. So get your Kleenex ready because it’s going to be an emotional night! Stay tuned for some dancing updates only here on Nerdles!

Another exciting show starts with 11 stars left! Today they will be dancing from the heart, as they pick their most unforgettable year to dance to. Tonight, they prepared a dance routine based on the most unforgettable experience in their lives. Now, the show kicks off with performer Jack Wagner with his partner, Anna Trebunskaya. Jack’s performance is a tribute to his daughter, Kerry. Last year, Jack was on his way to perform on stage, when he came across a sobbing young lady. He approached the girl, and that’s when he found out that he had a long lost daughter. So today, Jack dances to their reunion, dedicating this dance number for Kerry. Now, he dances Samba with his own song! He starts this number on top of the judge’s table and ends it with a hug with his daughter!

Len Goodman was surprised to see a different side of Jack, and was impressed with the rhythm of his hips and the good choreography. Bruno Tioloni said his timing was much better tonight and Carrie Ann thought his moves were clean and neat. His score: 24 points, his highest score so far!

Now, back on the show, the next pair to perform is Maria Menounos and Derek Hough. Maria shares her life back in 1988, which was her most memorable year in her life. That was the year her family migrated to the US from Greece, and her parents had to work as janitors in different establishments. She remembers going to work with them because her parents couldn’t afford a baby sitter. She would pick up quarters on the floor and pop it in the jukebox, and her song of choice back then was Material Girl, which gave her the strength to think positive and continue striving hard. Now, dancing rumba to a slow version of Material Girl, she gives an emotional performance, even sharing a “kiss” with her partner!

Bruno says he felt the emotion in Maria’s dance number, even though the song didn’t have rhythm; they managed to pull it off. Carrie complimented Maria, saying she was an exquisite dancer. Len saw ballroom and bedroom on stage! She got all 9’s from the judges, giving her a total of 27 points!
Twitter fans are going crazy, trying to figure out if they Maria and Derek shared a real kiss, but they didn’t answer the questions, and left it in our imagination!

Next dancers are Gladys Knight & Tristan MacManus. Gladys shares her most memorable year which is 1957. This is when she met Sam Cook who taught her how to “walk the walk and talk the talk”. It was her group’s first night on stage, and it was very memorable to her, making 1957 a starting point of her career, at a young age of 13. Now she brings Motown to ballroom, while she dances foxtrot as a tribute to Sam Cook.

Carie Ann said that Gladys has improved her frame, and said that she “dances like she sings”, with sesuality and sould. Len said him and Gladys we’re about the same age, although he didn’t reveal a number. He commends Gladys for the hard work and dedication she puts into her dancing, saying that it is not easy in her age. Bruno said Gladys was graceful and was absolutely gorgeous. All in all she got a score of 24! Not bad!

Now, the Disney star Roshon Fegan and his partner Chelsie Hightower are up next. This young man came second in last week’s dance off. Now he’s dancing Samba to his favorite Jackson 5 song. Roshon shares his most memorable year in 1996, where he saw Michal Jackson on stage for the first time. He says that Michael was his inspiration to become a performer. Surprisingly, his partner Chelsea called the help of another choreographer. In the rehearsals, choreograher Travis Payne, Michael’s choreographer, comes in to teach the duo some of Michael’s signature moves. From 1980’s to 1990’s, Travis knows all of Michael’s moves, which gave more inspiration to Roshon. Now, on stage, Roshon comes out with a retro get up and a bobbing Afro to match. It was a fun Samba number, and Roshon gave a Michael-ish performance!

Len started off by saying he loves the flair and the hair of Roshon, but would prefer to have seen a more traditional Samba number. Bruno said he thought it was Michael Jackson dancing on stage, saying that Michael would have loved the performance Roshon gave. Carrie Ann was not so impressed, saying that this was not Roshon’s best performance. Yet, he got a total of 25 out 30, still good despite the unimpressed judges.

Up next, Gavin DeGraw & Karina Smirnoff will be dancing to Billy Joel’s song, “New York State of Mind”. Gavin shares his most unforgettable experience when he went to see a Billy Joel concert with his dad. After the show, he told his dad that he wants to be a performer. His dad was very supportive, and even went door-to-door to help Gavin get a gig. His dad gave him the strength to do anything he wanted to do, and to make himself believe that there’s no limitations to what he can achieve. Now, his dreams came true, and he starts off their Rhumba number while sitting down on the piano.

Bruno was amazed to see Gavin’s hips swaying across the dance floor, and commends his improvement each week. Carrie Ann says he has a beautiful and sensual way of dancing, and Len sees more musicality in his dancing through his arm extensions. He got a total of 24 points!

Now, classical singer Katherine Jenkins and partner Mark Ballas is next, where they will be swaying Waltz to a Josh Groban song. Katherine shares her most memorable experience in 1996, when she found out her father had lung cancer. She was 15 years old, and she was pulled out from class so she can spend time with her dad. A day after, her father passed away. Now, she dances to celebrate her father’s life, who must be very proud to see her dance on stage. She danced her Waltz with such grace and emotion, that right after the number she burst into tears! Carrie Ann was also in tears, and gave her 10 perfect points for her performance. Bruno said one word: sensational. And Len gave Katherine a 9, getting a total of 29 points! The highest score in the show so far!

Next up is the hilarious Sherri Shepard who celebrates her son’s life. She vowed to never smile again when her son was born in critical conditions. She gave birth to a premature son at 25 weeks, where he had severe brain bleeding, and she was told that her son will suffer cerebral palsy and will be paralyzed. Now, a miracle was sent to her as her child grows without any signs of these conditions, and this continues to make her smile and give her inspiration.

Teams to follow we’re team Driving Miss Peta, Team Jaleel, Team Sweetspot, Team MGMC, Team Rochee and Team William Levy and cheryl Burke. (Not in consecutive order of appearance)

Another amazing show ends with so much emotion from the performers, the judges and everyone watching. It is truly amazing how we can celebrate life in so many ways, and what they did tonight was not only entertainment, but a joyous celebration of the most unforgettable, rewarding experiences that happened in their lives, something that we can all relate to!

Photo courtesy of Dancing With the Stars.