Anderson 4/3/12 Live Recap: Wife Killed Abuser

In today’s show, Anderson sits down with a courageous woman who found the strength to defend herself from her worst nightmare, her abusive husband. She shot her husband 11 times using two different guns. She was recently found not guilty of the fatal shooting, but faces five years in prison on a gun possession conviction, and is currently out on appeal. Learn more about this amazing story only here on Nerdles!

The show begins with Anderson and Barbara Sheehan talking about being married to her abuser. She narrates how a happy family vacation turned sour when her husband suddenly grabbed her head and smashed it on the table. She says it was hard for her to leave him because he manipulated her mind, and was constantly stopping her from leaving him. She says how people from work would see bruises on her body, and they testified for her in court, thankfully.

Barbara tries to find meaning as to why her husband was an abusive one, and one reason was because of his personal issues in the past. She said that some sexual issues also came out in the trial, so this may be another reason why he abused Barbara. One of his major anger stemmed from the fact that Barbara knew about this and her husband was afraid that she would tell. Her husband used his family, his kids, the house, the dog and the Pickett fence to hide from the realities of his life, according to Barbara. This may be the life that he did not want, so after he came home from spending time with hookers he would be madder and would beat Barbara, and she thinks it because of his shame.

Back on the show, Barbara takes us around the house that is now more peaceful because of the loss of her husband. She shows us the bathroom where the shooting took place. She says that her house is now a home, where she feels safer now. They are joined by Barbara’s daughter, and she says she was always petrified on what her father would do to her mom, and was always check on her. Barbara’s son tells us how he grew up being afraid. Both Barbara’s children felt relief the first time they found out their father is dead. KC Jordan, a legal counsel, is on the show, and says that the jury was divided in the decision, but she thought that the second gun was necessary for Barbara to protect her life.

Carole Jordan joins the show through a phone-in interview. She is calling from Utah State Prison for 15 years after killing her abusive husband. She was sentenced for manslaughter and desecration of a body. She narrates how her husband would tie her up in the middle of the night and would beat her badly. Her husband is a convicted felon and a drug user, yet she who has no record was sentenced to go to jail. KC Jordan says this may be a different because Carole got the gun on purpose with the intent of shooting him.

The show ends with another fascinating story of a strong woman who was strong enough to fight for the most important thing, her life. We must use the lesson from this story to find the courage within us to fight for all the injustices happening in our lives. Be sure to come back tomorrow for more interesting, fascinating stories of Anderson only here on Nerdles! Spoiler: Madonna is on Anderson tomorrow! So stay tuned!

Photo courtesy of Anderson.