Dancing With the Stars 4/3/12 Live Recap: Elimination

The show begins with a beautiful song number, “Lean on Me” by Seal. His performance was paired with dancing on stage, giving more life to a very good performance. This song is perfect for all the contestants on the show, who all revealed their most unforgettable experiences while performing the dance of their choice.

Last night was filled with emotion as teams earn their highest points to date. Katherine and Mark are on the top of the list, missing just a point to perfection! And 5 teams are at the bottom, all with a score of 24 points. Len Goodman makes a good suggestion by saying to roll the elimination over to next week because no one deserves to go home tonight.

A review of performance starts with Roshon and Chelsea, who performed a Michael Jackson inspired number last night. Next, Maria and Derek raised curiosity, as audiences wonder if they shared an actual kiss. Gavin and Karina are next, with a tearful dance number paired with a ‘New York State of Mind’ song by Billy Joel. Now, Katherine shares the death of her father as being the most memorable time of her life.

Now these pairs will find out if they are safe or in jeopardy. First to be on the ‘safe’ list is Katherine and Mark. Next, are Maria and Derek. Gavin and Karina receive a shocking announcement: they are in jeopardy. Roshon and Chelsea, are on the ‘safe’ list, too. If we remember, Gavin and Karina were on the bottom of the pack, so later on we’ll find out if they will be the eliminated team. Gavin gave a heart-felt performance last night, though!

Back on the show, the next 4 teams will find out if they are safe or not. We should expect classy to go out the window, as ‘rock week’ comes next week. Now, Julia Ivleva shares her story her battle with lung cancer. Julia is a worl-renowned dancer, but had to stop because of her frail condition due to her sickness. Now, dancers Anna and Jonathan will dance Waltz number, in tribute to the talented dancer and her strong husband, Igor and Julia Ivleva.

Back on the show, the Rascal Flatts are here to perform! Now, back to the eliminations, they reveal that Gladys and Tristan are in the brink of leaving the show. Melissa and Maks, Jack and Anna, Donald and Peta are going to find out if they are safe, or not. On the ‘safe’ list: Donald and Peta, and Melissa and Maks. But Jack and Anna are not safe from the elimination. So now, 8 teams are safe from elimination, but the other 3 teams will soon find out if they will still be dancing next week, after the break!

Now, the results: Jack Wagner and his partner Anna take center stage for the last time, as they are the team who gets eliminated in today’s show. Come back for more star-strutting next week in Dancing With the Stars, only here on Nerdles!

Photo courtesy of Dancing With the Stars.