The Revolution Live Recap (4/3/12): Your Work Is Making You Fat

This afternoon on The Revolution, we’ll continue talking about what could be making you fat. Today it’s your job. Is your job making you fat? On the show, we’ll discuss the top three jobs that are most commonly associated with being obese. To battle this, our hosts of The Revolution show us lunchtime workouts we can do at the office, ideas for healthy office snacks, and alternative lunchtime meals that are both tasty and healthy. Plus, we find out how the food we eat can also be used to beautify our hair and skin, and finally we’ll get some fashion tips from Lilliana Vazquez. All of this and more with the freshest updates of The Revolution only on Nerdles!

3 jobs most commonly associated with being overweight:

1. Jobs involving transportation – bus drivers, taxi drivers, truck drivers, etc. (80% of jobs are sedentary – the most important thing to do is to move.)

2. First responders – police, paramedics, firemen, etc. (These jobs aren’t sedentary but they are extremely stressful so the cliche about the donuts isn’t actually quite true.)

3. Nurses. The problem is they have irregular shifts. We love that they care for us so we tend to give them treats like cookies, cakes, and other foods. Plus, it’s also been shown that nurses feel pressured to eat.

Idan Ravin (celebrity trainer of Lebron James and other mega-athletes) explains you can exercise at work. In fact, all you need to exercise can fit in a suitcase. Things you should have in your exercise suitcase and things you can do in your office:

1. Jump rope. 20 seconds. Jump rope!
2. A book. Put the book on top your head. Squat down (like you’re going to sit in a chair), and on your way back up, rise on your toes, ballerina-style.
3. Lateral jumps (no equip. necessary). Just jump side-to-side!
4. Next, you’ll do a twisting lunge. It’s like a squat except you’re going twisting your body, putting one leg forward, squatting down, and bringing yourself back up to your original position.
4. After that, you’ll do push-ups except you’ll practice stabilizing yourself by moving your hands from side-to-side.

Up next for discussion, we’ll be talking about snacking while working. First, chips. These are full of trans-fats which drain your energy levels. Second, cookies and energy drinks. These are full of sugar and will put your blood-sugar levels on a harmful roller coaster ride. Now to the good stuff that’s actually good for you: pistachios, blueberries, dark chocolate, popcorn (it’s good for your skin because of the fiber), and pumpkin seeds (they’re full of protein). At the end of the day, if you snack on healthy food, you’ll feel more energetic after work.

Devin Alexander, celebrity chef of The Biggest Loser and author of The Most Decadent Meal, is now on the show sharing her philosophy on food. “Easy As Can Be Pot Roast” is a healthy sandwich made with wheat bread, lean meat, chipotle, cheese, lettuce, and tomato. It’s easy and quick to make. Do it on a Sunday so you can prepare your meals for the rest of the week. You’ll find the exact recipe at The Revolution’s official website (link below). Our next meal, we’ll be making a Mexican dish. Pack it with a bunch of veggies – lettuce, carrots, mangoes, kale, etc. Add strips of lean meat to add some protein to it.

Back from the break, we’ll work from head to toe to make ourselves look great with food we eat! For voluminous hair, mix some coarse salt with your conditioner and use as is. That’s it! Let’s use watermelons for your face. Grind up the watermelon rind and mix with the watermelon juice. This will calm the skin on your face and also help fight pimples. Find out more in-depth tips on The Revolution office webpage below!

The beautiful Lilliana Vazquez now guests on the show to discuss the ultimate question: Does this make me look fat?

Audience members from the show join the discussion. Our first audience member has wide hips and has problems finding the right jeans to wear. To solve this, Lilliana suggests wearing a dark wash of jeans in a boot cut. Our next audience member has a problem wearing dresses which make her look monotonous. Lilliana breaks up her look by suggesting she wears a cardigan and nice big belt to add some variety to her appearance. Here’s the before-and-after photo of our first audience member:


Before-and after: For those with wide hips, wear dark wash jeans in a boot cut to better accentuate your figure.

Here’s a new segment called, “Ask Tim.”

Two ladies have questions for Tim. First question, this lady always wears black and doesn’t know how to pick out colors for herself. Tim presents “The Chin Test.” He offers the first guest a tray full of different colored fabrics. She picks a light brown color, and Tim puts the fabric under her chin. Does the color make her face glow? No, it doesn’t. So he picks out another color, puts it against her cheek, and this time, the new color makes her face literally glow. Try it yourselves, and see how simply effective this tip really is. It’s so simple and smart!

Next guest has a love for scarves, but after the winter, she has no clue how else to accessorize her outfits. All Tim does is he takes a regular scarf and creates a sort of man’s tie and voila! New look for our second lovely guest.

That’s it for today’s episode. Please check back with us here on Nerdles for another live update of The Revolution. We’ll see you then!

Photo courtesy of The Revolution.


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      They give workout tips for you to do in the office, but as a gym-buff myself, I scoff at the tips they give up in this episode. It’s better to hit an actual gym (like you said), and eat balanced, healthy meals. Thanks Airra!

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    Can someone tell me where Lilliana got her outfit? everything! the shoes, top, shorts!!! she looks stunning