The Ellen DeGeneres Show Recap (4/5/12): Jennifer Love Hewitt As A Call Girl

Today on everyone’s favorite daytime talk show, Jennifer Love Hewitt guests on The Ellen DeGeneres Show to talk being a call girl on Lifetime’s new series “The Client List.” Also, Rascal Flatts! Yes! They’re on the show today to share their hit song “Banjo” from their upcoming album “Changed.” Plus, Ellen’s resident beauty guru Kym Douglas guests on the show for some Spring beauty tips. Stick to Nerdles for the liveliest live updates on today’s happenings on The Ellen DeGeneres Show!

Ellen talks about her favorite TV shows in her opening talk. She watches Bayou Billionaires, Doomsday Preppers, and Frozen Planet. The most memorable of these is Frozen Planet where in the last episode they featured penguins. It had drama, suspense, and conflict where penguins were

Oh, Puh-lice is up next where we take real local police reports and share them! Up first, a naked lady being reported standing next to light pole. Naked lady turns out to be a mannequin. Second, a $74,000 camouflaged military unit goes missing. Third, lady calls in that a strange man is sleeping on her couch. Turns out the lady was drunk, and the man was her brother. Last, a couple calls a police that there’s a thief in their home. How do they know? Her wife told a joke, and they both heard a laugh upstairs. Hilarious. I love this segment. Hard to believe these are actually real, but that’s what’s so funny about them.

Up next on the show, Jennifer Love Hewitt (it’s her 11th time on the show), and she is looking mighty good with long beautiful locks. These celebrities never seem to age, and in fact, Ms. Hewitt looks so much better now than from her “Party of Five” days. Her and Ellen talk about her cover on Maxim magazine. She reveals that when she turned 30, she promised to try to sleep in lingerie more often than her usual shirt and boxers. It’s not for anybody specific but more herself, she says. In fact, she is “very single.” However, she does have a huge crush on Adam Levine. Ellen busts out a phone to call him and Jennifer gets super anxious, but it was just a joke. Funny! I would’ve love to see them actually talk to one another live. They talk about the “Client List” now where Jennifer’s character works at a spa, where she gives extra special “happy ending” favors to the spa’s “client list” to pay her mortgage, etc. We’re sure there’s more to it than that, but that’s it now for Jennifer. Up next, Kym Douglas!

Kym Douglas now shares some beauty tips for Spring. Up first, the Jolie Lip Plumper! There’s a special secret gel that you put on your lips on top of this contraption that seems to force blood into your lips to make them look more plump. Looks like it hurts to use! Next, put tomato slices on your face. The lycopene in the tomatoes are a treat for your skin and it also helps with sun spots. Also, be like Popeye and add more spinach to your diet. You can make a mask out of it, and also put it into your hair before you shower to freshen up your hair. Finally, vodka mouthwash! Yup, all you have to do is set out some vodka for two weeks, add some cinnamon, and mouthwash away! Kym, however, decides to wash and swallow right before the commercial break. She’s such a fun gal. Later, Rascal Flatts!

Rascall Flatts now take to the stage to perform their latest single, “Banjo.”

Ellen 4.5.12

Rascal Flatts performs "Banjo."

On the show now is Captain Dave Anderson talking about saving a grey whale caught on a net. They attached a bouy to the whale by sunset so they could find the whale the next day. It turns out the whale’s tail fin got caught in a net and it took about eight hours to free the whale. When the whale was finally freed, the whale amazingly returned to Captain Dave and his team to say thank you. The whale approached and stayed close to Dave and his boats as if to say thank you. It approached Dave close enough for him to touch, but Dave was completely shocked from the whale’s thankful gesture. Dave says the whale even opened it’s mouth as if to say thank you. It completely touched me to hear about this, and this is one of those stories that really should inspire us to be there more for mother nature. We do only have one Earth. Just like Ellen, let’s try to make it last. This was a wonderful segment.

Rascal Flatts is back on the show along with Kym Douglas. She talks about hair growth, and she puts a contraption on the band member’s head to show them how to aid their hair growth. Kym grabs some melons next to make a cantaloupe facial. This will add Vitamin A and C to your skin. Also, Kym shows another use for whip cream. Shaving cream! It’ll give our skin some much needed sugar! And with that, another episode of The Ellen DeGeneres Show ends. We’ll be back tomorrow another great show tomorrow only here on Nerdles.

Image courtesy of The Ellen DeGeneres Show.